Nice Choice, Sangseung Ilro Top Polls

The Korean racing media has given its verdict on 2009. There were just six categories and Sangseung Ilro was the star, taking both Champion Female and Champion Three-Year Old. Interestingly, however, Nice Choice, second in the latter of those two categories, was crowned Champion Korean bred on the strength of his President’s Cup win.

On the human side of things, Park Dae Heung and Park Tae Jong took the Top Trainer and Top Jockey awards.

Champion Trainer
1. Park Dae Heung
2. Kim Young Gwan
3. Shin Woo Cheol
4. Kim Yang San

Champion Jockey
1. Park Tae Jong
2. Cho Kyoung Ho
3. Choi Beom Hyun
4. Jo Sung Gon

Champion Korean-bred
1. Nice Choice (KOR) 3
2. Sangseung Ilro (KOR) 3
3. Gaeseon Janggun (KOR) 4
4. Areumdaun Jilju (KOR) 5
5. Baekgwang (KOR) 6

Champion Female (Open)
1. Sangseung Ilro (KOR) 3
2. Lucky Mountain (KOR) 4
3.Top Point (KOR) 5
4. Pangpang (KOR) 3
5. Soseono (USA) 4

Champion Three-Year Old (Open)
1. Sangseung Ilro (KOR)
2. Nice Choice (KOR
3. Yeonseung Daero (KOR)
4. Namdo Jeap (KOR)
5. Bulpae Gisang (USA)

Champion Male Horse (Open)
1. Dongbanui Gangja (USA) 4
2. Bulpae Gisang (USA) 3
3. Areumdaun Jilju (KOR) 5
4. Gaeseon Janggun (KOR) 4
5. Nice Choice (KOR) 3

Source: Korean Racing Journal

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