Top Horses – Busan (March 2020)

In 2015 Korean adopted a rating system for thoroughbreds. These ratings are used for domestic purposes only.

Class 1: 81 & Up (Korean & Foreign bred)
Class 2: 66-80 (Korean & Foreign bred)
Class 3: 51-65 (Korean & Foreign bred)
Class 4: 36-50 (Korean & Foreign bred)
Class 5: 35 & Down (Korean bred only)
Class 6: New and unrated horses (Korean bred only)

Here are the top twenty horses by rating in training at Busan Racecourse as of March 2020:

1. Triple Nine (KOR) – 130 (Returned in January 2020 following 13 months off)
2. Today (KOR)– 127 (Currently in Dubai)
3. Blue Chipper (USA) – 127 (Currently in Dubai)
4. Baengmunbaekdap (USA) – 124 (Currently in Dubai)
5. Great King (USA) – 124
6. Ace Korea (USA) – 122
7. Doraonpogyeongseon (USA) – 120
8. Morning Daero (USA) – 119
9. Jumbo Blade (USA) – 116
10. Buhwarui Banseok (USA) – 116
11. New York Mangchi (USA) – 115
12. King Of Glory (USA) – 114
13. Captain Force (KOR) – 113
14. Good Casting (USA) – 111
15. Champ Line (KOR) – 111
16. Doraon Hyeonpyo (KOR) – 108
17. New Legend (KOR) – 107
18. Drop The Beat (USA) – 106
19. Dynamic Star (KOR) – 104
20. Perdido Pomeroy (USA) – 103

—Record win streak and Grand Prix Champion: Mister Park (KOR) [Ecton Park – Formal Deal (Formal Gold)]


  1. Hello,
    I’m Japanese horse racing fan.
    Now I’m interested in Korean horse racing, and enjoy reading your blog.
    By the way, I heard Korean horses will go on a tour to the U.S.A. this year.
    Which horse do you know will go next year?
    I’m looking forward to see Korean horses racing for Japan Cup Dirt in the near future.
    See you.

  2. Hi fpop
    The KRA has been talking about doing that for a long time as part of their “internationalization” plan for Korean horse racing, placing horses in races across the world to check the level of domestic horses. I think they wanted to send three or four horses to the US but I don’t know if there’s been any progress. Japan would definitely seem to be a more logical first step.

  3. I would like a bit of information about Hangang Ruby, won on 22 may 2009, I have a website Bel Esprit Winners club and Hangang Ruby is out of Bel Esprit

  4. Hangang Ruby is owned by Lee Young Sun (who was the eventual purchaser of Shirley’s Luvena at the Magic Millions sale) and is trained by Kim Chang Wook at Busan.

    As he was foaled in Korea, he is eligible for all Korean-bred races except the classics and some stakes races.

    On his one outing, he was ridden by jockey Jung Si Won and led from gate to wire over 5 furlongs. He paid 13.4 to win and 2.3 to place. His time of 1:03.09 was nothing special but fairly normal in Korea.

    Here is his entry in the Korean studbook

  5. I was wondering what has happen to Captain Sir. I have not seen
    anything on him in a couple of months and wonder if he got injured in
    his last race. Any information would be appreciated.
    Thanks Opal Paul

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