2020 Racing Schedule

Seoul/Busan/Jeju Racing Schedule 2020

There is racing each weekend except the weekends closest to Lunar New Year in early February and Korean Thanksgiving in September. Each course takes a one week summer break at the end of July/beginning of August and at the end of December. As a general rule, Seoul races every Saturday and Sunday, Busan every Friday and Sunday and Jeju every Friday and Saturday.


Click here for the 2020 Feature Race Schedule


  1. What time does the Korean Derby on May 15, start? How much for general admission? Can foreigners bet on horses?

    1. On Derby Day, the first race will be around 11:15am and the last at 6:10pm. The Derby itself will be the ninth race and will start around 5pm.

      Entry to the track is free on Derby Day. Anyone can bet and many of the automated betting machines have English language menus. There is an “Information for Foreigners” desk on the ground floor of the grandstand.

    1. It’s Sunday. Some careless person (me) wriote it up wrong – this has now been changed – thanks for pointing it out!

  2. Hi, I have a party of approx 25 persons. Can you tell me if you have a corporate box..if so the cost involved & is there food & alcoholic drink available for purchase.

    1. Yeah those were the days! Jeju Racecourse still has one and a “premium” lounge for overseas visitors is due to open later this year at Seoul…but I hear it’s going to be expensive!

  3. The 1st Korea Cup, The 1st Korea Sprint, The 32nd KRA Cup Classic. Are they the only races open to International contenders? How can we nominate from abroad?

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