Busan Review / Weekend Preview

The Korean Baseball season gets underway this weekend and this, like the beginning of the English Cricket season, can mean only one thing – It’s going to rain!

It's not going to rain this much but there's a 70% chance of Saturday being wet

It’s not going to rain this much but there’s a 70% chance of Saturday being wet

Unlike the Rounders, however, Racing continues in the wet. In fact, the heavier the rain, the more both track attendance and betting turnover tend to increase.

There were no problems with the weather during the first of the weekend’s cards at Busan this afternoon. Joe Fujii kept the foreign end up, riding a pair of winners although the Japanese jockey was outshone by local You Hyun Myung who continued his recent run of good form by finishing his way to the winner’s circle on 4 occasions.

South African trainer Bart Rice also continued his good start to life at Busan with another winner; Seungni Wave (Pico Central) doing the business in race 3.

In the 7-furlong feature race, Oreuse (Smoke Glacken) got his 2nd Class 1 win in the space of a month. And for the 2nd time, trailing in behind him was the highly-rated 3-year-old Cowboy Son (Cowboy Cal).

Here’s what’s happening over the rest of the weekend:

Saturday March 29
Seoul Race Park: 12 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 12:30 to 17:30

Sunday March 30
Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 12:45 to 17:00

One comment

  1. It was one of the fastest paces happened in busan track in recent days.
    On top of that,track prefered to the fast horses.
    Race 11 ;7furlongs class1:
    First call:24. Second call:47.2 third call:1:12.3 final:1:26.3. Track speed 2
    Against this pace;
    Top 5 Horses running line and their paces are;
    1.2 2 1 1:13.6-39.1-14.0:1:26.3 Oreuse
    2.1 1 2 2:13.7-39.2-13.9:1:26.4 Cowboysun
    3.3 3 3 3:13.6-39.1-13.9:1:26.6 Alphamyengjang
    4.6 6 4 4:13.7-39.1-13.9:1:27.0 Donggeupchoigang
    5.9 9 7 6:14.0-38.6-13.5:1:27.0 Dynamicjilju.

    It’s been really hot pace battle.
    Inspite carrying 59KOreuse demonstrated that he is still a classy
    But I ‘d like to notice that next time ,when track condition switching to the slow,we need to watch that “Dynamicjilju”
    Seems like he’s now developping and shown a bit different performance than he ever shown before .
    His last 3furlong time and stretch time much improved in this fast pace.
    He ‘s gonna be a dangerous contender.
    He’s now just 3YO. We need to prepare his coming in the money in his next outing.

    And..friday..bombarded with favorites all day long..

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