Ace Galloper Wins The KRA Cup Classic

Ace Galloper strode to a three-length win in the KRA Cup Classic at Seol Race Park this afternoon and in doing so gave himself a favourite’s chance in the season-ending Grand Prix Stakes.

Ace Galloper and Park Tae Jong win the KRA Cup Classic

With Park Tae Jong on board, Ace Galloper took control in the home straight and strectehd away to win comfortably from Sing Sing Cat and Jumong. Double Grand Prix winner Dongbanui Gangja was fifth while Baekgwang returned injured in sixth.

KRA Cup Classic (KOR.G.III) – Seoul Race Park – 2000M – October 9, 2011

1. Ace Galloper (KOR) [Chapel Royal-Explicitly (Exploit)] – Park Tae Jong – 3.6, 1.5
2. Sing Sing Cat (USA) [D’Wildcat-Freddy Fenter (Fenter)] – Oh Kyoung Hoan – 3.1
3. Jumong (USA) [Johar-Foreign Aid (Danzig)] – Jo In Kwen – 1.6

Distances: 3 legnths/1 length
Also Ran: 4. Captain Cugat 5. Dongbanui Gangja 6. Baekgwang 7. Celebrate Tonight 8. Bulpae Gisang 9. Ppoppai 10. Cheonjidolpung 11. Florida Sox


  1. Dear sir
    I would like to ask you for a favour ,where can I take mister park race run from his 1st race for my website to our Thailand fans

    1. Good question, the KRA removes the videos after a year. I’m sure some of the Korean language blogs will have it though. When I get a chance, I will check for you.

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