Day: September 22, 2011

Young Korean Jockeys Head For Overseas Training

Three young Korean jockeys are heading overseas for two months of training. Kim Jeong Jun and Lee Gang Seo left for Australia earlier this month while Jang Chu Yul will go to the United States later this month.

Lee Gang Seo, Kim Jeong Jun and Jang Chu Yeol, with classmate Park Jung Hyun (Picture: KRA)

The three are all graduates of the 2010 class of the KRA’s Jockey Academy and have all had reasonable starts to their career. Jang especially has already become one of track’s most consistent winners. The fourth member of the graduating class, Park Jong Hyun, was sidelined by injury for much of her first year and so will remain in Seoul to continue to get established as a rider.

Here are their career figures so far (Rides/wins/2nd/3rd):

Kim Jeong Jun: 262/6/13/14
Lee Gang Seo: 295/13/20/26
Jang Chu Yul: 333/34/27/28

Sending them overseas is in line with the KRA’s attempts to improve the quality of local jockeys. The academy plays a central role in this but spending time in other, more developed racing environments, is seen as key.

Next on the hit-list are the trainers with KRA actively seeking opportunities for trainers to go overseas to study. Shortly after qualifying, Kim Hyo Seob spent time in the United States and a number of trainers are hoping to go to the UK and Australia within the next year.