Day: November 8, 2010

Radioactive Casino Chips

Men Reportedly Planned To Use Geiger Counter to Beat Game!

Not racing related but another insight into the shady world of illegal gambling in Korea which is evidently flourishing. The Joongang Ilbo reports that police in Siheung, Gyeonggi Province (about 30km south of Seoul) have arrested two Vietnamese men after a raid on a farm thought to be used by an illegal gambling ring.

Nothing unusual about that, but the paper goes on to report that the men were found in posession of twelve small pieces of radioactive material. These pieces were to be slipped inside small gambling chips made of paper and used in a “Vietnamese Guessing Game” – the two sides are painted different colours and the men allegedly planned to use a geiger counter to correctly determine which side would be facing up.

The news comes a day after the same paper reported on another Vietnamese gambling ring, this time in North Gyeongsang province. This one was reportedly taking illegal bets on the Vietnamese National Lottery.

* While the only radioactive things at the racecourse this weekend were Gyongmaman’s predictions, on the racing regulatory front, trials of the Electronic Card that the National Gaming Control Commission (NGCC) hopes to make compulsory for all legal gamblers, are underway. An interesting possibility was raised this weekend though in that in order to sweeten the deal for punters, the card would also act as a “mileage card” with bettors potentially getting a 1% rebate on all wagers. As of now, however, it’s pure speculation.