Kim Tae Hee Saddles-Up At Seoul

Punters had a treat at Seoul Race Park this afternoon as actress Kim Tae Hee donned racing silks and a pair of impossibly tight riding trousers to shoot scenes for upcoming movie “Grand Prix”.

Kim Tae Hee waits to get on

For two weeks now, the racetrack has been decked out in flags and banners for the production. Today an extra number 9 horse – complete with a ribbon in its tail – joined the runners in the paddock prior to race 9.

Best legs in the paddock - Kim Tae Hee

Kim emerged from the tunnel along with the jockeys and, after a little difficulty as her mount was playing-up, was given a leg-up by a lucky groom. She then completed a lap of the paddock and followed the rest of the horses back into into the track-bound tunnel.

Kim Tae Hee - once up she certainly looked the part

To their credit, punters refrained from the abuse they normally greet any newcomers to the paddock with and Kim, for her part, certainly looked assured in the saddle.

Grand Prix, which is part funded by the Korea Racing Authority is scheduled for an autumn release. It’s production was disrupted when the original male lead, Lee Jun Ki, was hauled off to military service with a month of filming already complete. He has since been replaced by Yang Dong Kun.

The officially released pictures of shooting so far have shown sad faces so it is likely that the movie will be a traditional Korean melodrama/love story; indeed Allkpop reports that Kim’s character moves to Jeju Island after her horse dies where she meets fellow jockey and love-interest Yang. Nevertheless, like Gak-seol-tang before it, the movie looks set to introduce racing to a wider audience and its release is eagerly awaited.

Kim Tae Hee


    1. you’re absolutely right…i was there at the stands too but you can’t see a damn thing….hopefully the movie clip is better than the pic…

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