Jockey Profile – Lee Shin Young

Given her ride today , we might as well make Lee Shin Young the next in our series of jockey profiles. There are currently three female jockeys riding at Seoul. The best known outside racing circles is Lee Ae Li who received a lot of publicity when a movie about a female jockey was released a couple of years ago. Another is Lee Geum Ju, however, she has not ridden for quite some time.  The most successful is Lee Shin Young. Debuting in 2001 (on the same day as Geum Ju, Ae Li debuted a year later) at the age of 21, Shin Young has a record of 72 wins from 674 rides, a strike rate of just over 10% with a place strike rate of 19%. Over the past year she’s maintained her win rate with 12 wins from 113 rides. No doubt a video of today’s race will appear online in due course, but until then, we’ll make do with this effort from 2006.

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