Day: January 28, 2008

Jockey’s Championship – Cho overtakes Moon

Five winners over the weekend for Cho Kyoung Ho saw him overtake Moon Se Young at the top of the 2008 table. Cho’s wins included a true hat-trick in races 6,7 and 8 on Saturday and victory on Myeongmun Gamun in the weekend’s big race to move onto 12 this year.  Moon had a winner each day and is one back on 11. There’s then a gap of five back to third placed Yoon Dae Keun. There were first wins for 2008 for Shim Seung Tae and Woo Chang Gu.

1. Cho Kyoung Ho 12

2. Moon Se Young 11

3. Yoon Dae Keun 6

4. Park Tae Jong 5