Day: January 13, 2008

Racing Review – Sunday January 13

Well…it was bitterly cold, but the absence of any wind made it a tolerable day at Seoul Race Park. Racing at Busan made for more breaks in the day’s card than is comfortable for a good day’s racing – but more on that later. On the track, the big race was race 10, a 1900 metre handicap, won in a close finish by Jungtongsung a 17.2 outsider ridden by Cho, Kyoung Ho a length ahead of Hongji (Jung, Ki Young) and Totoro (Ikuyasu). The strong favourite, Sebyokdongja (Moon, Se Young) was unplaced. Another odds-on favourites was overturned – Free Woody in race 6 getting beaten at 1.9 by Hammer Punch (3.6) but others came up, Headline News won Race 4 for Cho, Kyoung Ho and Erectus had his first outing of the year comfortably winning race 7.

There was another full card at Busan this afternoon. While it is an excellent idea to run races at Busan on Sunday to try to get people in the south of the country to go the track on the weekend (really there is no point in spending billions of won on a racetrack if you’re only going to run races on a Friday!) it is a shame that this means less races at Seoul. Ideally they should maintain full programs at both. For development of racing in Korea it is important that Busan runs weekend racing but it also important the Seoul Race Park offers an attractive day out if, as the KRA claims, it wants to move beyond being just a company that caters to the misery of gambling debts. Interestingly, the Busan races were valuable with prize money in the races that were simulcasted to Gwacheon matching that of Seoul. Korea Racing Blog will report on a card from Busan soon to see what’s happening down there.

Jockey’s Championship 2008: It looked like Cho, Kyoung Ho was going to catch up with Moon, Se Young until Moon won the last to move ahead again:

1. Moon, Se Young 6

2. Cho, Kyoung Ho 5

3. Yoon, Dae Keun 4

4.=. Yoo, Sung Wan; Choi Beom Hyun 3

6=. Ikuyasu Kurukane; Park Tae Jong; Shin, Hyoung Cheol; Jung, Ki Young 2