Summer Race Schedule To Begin July 1st – 9pm Finishes Friday & Saturday

Racing will switch to its summer schedule from this coming weekend, Friday July 1st, running until the the weekend that ends on Sunday August 28th. During July and August, racing on Fridays and Saturdays will have a mid-afternoon start with the final race at 9pm. The Sunday schedule will remain unaffected.

Evening racing is to return after a two year hiatus

Typical schedules will be as follows:


Busan Racecourse: 7 races from 15:35 to 21:00

Jeju Racecourse: 8 races from 14:10 to 20:00


Seoul Racecourse: 10 races from 14:50 to 21:00

Jeju Racecourse: 6 races from 14:00 to 17:45


Seoul Racecourse: 10 races from 10:45 to 18:00

Busan Racecourse: 7 races from 11:35 to 17:05

There will be free entry to all racecourses on the weekend of Friday July 1st to Sunday July 3rd.