Sunday Seoul & Busan: Race-By-Race Preview (August 27)

It’s Sunday! 11 races at Seoul from 11:45 to 19:00 and 6 at Busan from 13:25 to 17:35. All races will be simulcast overseas so here’s the full preview:

Seoul Race 1: Class 6 (1300M) Allowance / KRW 60 Million

1. CREMOA POWER – Well backed on debut following successful trial but only managed 7th of 12 behind Phoenix Heart.
2. MASK – Good 3rd of 12 on debut despite almost slipping on the home turn. Big chance
3. HAE HU – Debut-maker who won his trial. Will have some backers.
4. SPEED CAPTAIN – Last of 12 on debut on July 30th behind Phoenix Heart.
5. CLEAN UP SECRET – 5th of 11 on debut on July 15th, quickening pleasingly enough. A chance.
6. K.N BLUE – First-timer. Did ok in trials and champion jockey’s presence ensures plenty of support.
7. CHEONHA HYEONGGUK – Debut-maker. Ok in trials but watching brief the best idea first-up.
8. PHOENIX HEART – He’ll be strong favourite following a quick 2nd place on debut on July 30th beating a couple of these in the process. Extra distance should suit.
9. I B S MAN – Trialed well and debuts here. Not impossible but won’t be among favourites.
10. SPECIAL LIGHT – 7th of 12 on debut behind Mask. Plenty to find.
11. LUCKY BONGHWA – 5th and 4th in two outings so far. Could get even closer.
12. AMAZING PEACE – Trialed up in average fashion.

Verdict: (8) PHOENIX HEART ran a strong 2nd on debut a month ago and has to be the one to beat here. (2) MASK almost fell on debut but managed to recover and finish a very good 3rd behind Icheon Ssal who has already gone on to better things. He looks the main danger. (5) CLEAN UP SECRET and (11) LUCKY BONGHWA others who could play a role.


Selections (8) Phoenix Heart (2) Mask (5) Clean Up Secret (11) Lucky Bonghwa
Next Best 3, 6
Fast Start 8, 2, 3, 7, 9


Seoul Race 2: Class 6 (1300M) Allowance / KRW 22 Million

1. VALLEY MOON – Has three 4th place finishes among her eight starts. Another 4th wouldn’t surprise.
2. KING EXPLOIT – Returned from nine months off on July 29th to run 3rd of 11 at this distance ahead of a couple of these. He’ll be favourite today.
3. SEUTILLEO – Best of 3rd in nine starts. Lots to find here.
4. SKY VALUE – No better than 6th so far.
5. KINGS BURY – 7th behind King Exploit on July 29th. Hard to overturn that form.
6. DRAFT ONE – Been getting progressively further away in three outings so far.
7. SKY CITY – 4th of 9 over 1000M in April but only beat one home on reappearance at his trip last month.
8. WONDERFUL JACKPOT – Ran on well for 4th last time. Up in trip today and may suit. A chance.
9. BEST MAID – 4th of 9 on first try at this distance on July 15th. In the placing frame at least.
10. LILIETTE – Well back in all four so far. Good jockey booking again but up against it.
11. KYU JEU – Returned from five months off with an underwhelming 8th of 12 behind Hwanhae Jangseong.
12. HWANAE JANGSEONG – Not far away in all three so far. 4th of 12 at this distance on July 30th and has claims here.

 Verdict: (2) KING EXPLOIT has had an interrupted career but he can kick-start it with a maiden victory here. He can set up camp just behind the early pace and come through in the straight. So long as he can overcome the outside gate, that early pace should be set by (12) HWANAE JANGSEONG and it’s not impossible he could go all the way while the likes of (9) BEST MAID and (8) WONDERFUL JACKPOT can go close too.

Selections (2) King Exploit (12) Hwanae Jangseong (8) Wonderful Jackpot (9) Best Maid
Next Best 1
Fast Start 12, 1


Seoul Race 3: Class 5 (1000M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. GIMOA LAUNCH – Returned from five months off to run a strong 3rd at class and distance on July 30th. Firmly in the frame here.
2. DEO MIREO BUCHEO – 2nd, ahead of Cho Orong Ma last time. Benefited from dropping back in trip and will be a big danger here.
3. MOON ISLE KING – Struggled in two starts back from layoff. Has had a another couple of months off since latest and while a capable sprinter, has plenty to find.
4. USEUNG DESIGN – Maiden win at 1200M in May and decent 4th of7 last time. Minor money chances.
5. SUPER PUNCH – Gone cold of late although showed a glimpse of returning to some kind of form last time
6. HARPY EAGLE – First outing for over a year. He had ability and trialed up in average fashion. The wildcard.
7. CHO ORONG MA – 4th behind Deo Mireu Bucheo last time. Should be looking to at least match.
8. MANWOLMUN – Offered very little for a year now.

Verdict: This looks to be between (1) GIMOA LAUNCH and (2) DEU MIREO BUCHEO with both having strong claims. We’ll go for Gimoa Launch to improve on his first-up run a month ago and get the job done. (7) CHO ORONG MA got close to Deo Mireu Bucheo last time and can do so again while the returning (6) HARPY EAGLE is the wildcard.


Selections (1) Gimoa Launch (2) Deo Mireu Bucheo (7) Cho Orong Ma (6) Harpy Eagle
Next Best 4, 3
Fast Start 2, 3, 1


Busan Race 1: Class 5 (1000M) Handicap


1. BAENGNYEON SONNIM – Managed a pair of 3rd on first two tries at this level but a little cold since.

2. DALKOMHAN INSAENG – Creditable 5th on first try at this level last time. Can sneak some minor money again.
3. OH DAEBAK – Yet to win in 33. That won’t change today.
4. SWAG – Not too far away in each of last three outings and should come close again.
5. YEONGHUI SIDAE – Up in class having won very handily on second start at this distance on August 6th. Big chance of winning again.
6. OH MY CAPTAIN – Shock win on July 7th but reverted to type last time.
7. STORMY MAGIC – A scratching a couple of weeks ago, she returns to race at this level for the first time. Maiden winner on July 7th and in the frame here.
8. YES RED – Yet to win but finds herself up in class after coming close too many times at class 6. Will need to find a bit.

Verdict: (5) YEONGHUI SIDAE was a good winner at the distance on August 6th and that form took a boost on Friday when 2nd placed horse that day, Euro Gongju, ran out a handy winner herself. (4) SWAG is proving competent at this level and will be there or thereabouts as usual while (2) DALKOMHAN INSAENG and (7) STORMY MAGIC look to be in the placing frame at least.


Selections (5) Yeonghui Sidae (4) Swag (2) Dalkomhan Insaeng (7) Stormy Magic
Next Best 8, 6
Fast Start 4, 5


Seoul Race 4: Class 5 (1300M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. GHOST TOWN – Beaten by Cheonnyeonhoryeong on July 1st but beat that one the time before and should have the beating of most of the rest.
2. HI EUREKA – 3rd in quick race over 1000M on July 2nd. In the frame here.
3. LUCKY BLUE – Up in class having come too close too often at class 6. A bit to fin but a top jockey booking.
4. MARBLE QUEEN – 6th on first try at this class behind Cheonnyeonhoryeong on July 30th. Can get closer today
5. LUNA CHAMP – Improved 3rd at class and distance last start and could repeat.
6. BOSEOG SANGJA – Well back in both attempts at this class so far.
7. MY CHAMP – Dropped back to this class in July after being uncompetitive at level 4. Only beat one home on first attempt.
8. CHEONNYEONHORYEONG – Close in latest 4. Has beaten Ghost Town and Marble Queen in recent outings and has claims here.
9. JANGBI CHEONBOK – First start since last September. Trialed up well but will be an outsider.
10. CALLING KING – Can sneak minor money at this level but probably no more than that.

Verdict: (1) GHOST TOWN and (8) CHEONNYEONHORYEONG have got the better of each other in races recently and we’ll go for Ghost Town to come out on top here. He should be on speed early and can go all the way. (2) HI EUREKA and (5) LUNA CHAMP are proven money winners at this level and should be looking to at least please.

Selections (1) Ghost Town (8) Cheonnyeonhoryeong (2) Hi Eureka (5) Luna Champ
Next Best 4, 3
Fast Start 1, 3, 4, 8


Busan Race 2: Class 4 (1600M) Handicap


1. CHOEGANG OFFICER – 5th behind Run Star last time and a bit to find but could sneak some money.

2. RUN STAR – Has a win, two 2nds and a 3rd from his last 4 and beat Choegang Officer and Baedari Gosu last time. Big chance.
3. CHASTITY – Enters off back to back 3rd places. Front-runner and in the frame again.
4. BOUND KOREA – Up in class following second win on ninth start three weeks ago. That was at this distance and a repeat is eminently possible.
5. VICAR SARANG – Best of 4th in six efforts at this class. Would do well to match that today.
6. AGNES – Maiden win last time out and up in class and distance today.
7. BAEDARI GOSU – 6th behind Run Star and Choegang Officer last start.
8. FIRST SUN – Struggled in two outings at this class so far.
9. WINNING GILI – Only beat a couple home over 1300M last start.

Verdict: (4) BOUND KOREA was an impressive winner at this distance three weeks ago and while he is up in class today, he carries less weight and looks the one to beat again. (2) RUN STAR looks most capable of stopping him but there should be decent showings too from (3) CHASTITY and (6) AGNES.

Selections (4) Bound Korea (2) Run Star (3) Chastity (6) Agnes
Next Best 1, 7
Fast Start 2, 8, 3


Seoul Race 5: Class 5 (1300M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. JEULGEOUN HAMSEONG – Up in class following good win at this distance on July 22nd. Can be competitive again.
2. SUSEONG CHAMP – 4th and a 2nd in two tries at this level so far and looks the one to beat.
3. SKY BIG – Not too far away in either of his latest two. 5th of 11 ahead of Samdo Tongil last time and can get close again.
4. DONGTEUL TTAE – Promoted to this level without a win and 7th of 11 on first try at it on July 22nd behind Sky Big and Samdo Tongil. Worth another chance.
5. SEOUL TANK – Recent form doesn’t inspire.
6. HANIL MAGIC – 6th of 11 last start was his best so far at this level.
7. MAMKKEOT DALYEO – Struggled at this class. Jockey change freshens things up today.
8. YEONGAM ARIRANG – Only bat two home last start and will be an outsider despite the top jockey booking.
9. SAMDO TONGIL – Has been beaten by Sky Big in both his latest two.
10. SPASTAR – Back to back 2nds in April and May but well back behind Sky Big last time.
11. CHUKBOGUI YEOLMAE – Generally beats a few but seems to have found her level. A few too quick.
12. DREAM CITY – Steps back in trip after recent outings all at 1700M. That looks a wise decision.

Verdict: (1) JEULGEOUN HAMSEONG and (2) SUSEONG CHAMP should set the early pace here and they could well battle it out all the way. We’ll go with Suseong Champ, already a proven money winner at this level, to prevail. (3) SKY BIG beat (4) DONGTEUL TTAE last time and both can be competitive today.


Selections (2) Suseong Champ (1) Jeulgeoun Hamseong (4) Dongteul Ttae (3) Sky Big
Next Best 12, 7
Fast Start 1, 2


Busan Race 3: Class 3 (1200M) Handicap


1. POKPUNG SINHWA – Recent form is cold.

2. SPECIAL ROOKIE – First start since March. Was very quick in winning a trial earlier this month and will be backed first-up.
3. WONDER WALL – First start since finishing 9th of 11 in first leg of the Triple Crown. Trialed up well and should be a factor.
4. WORLD QUICK – Managed a 2nd place over 1400M in June but only beat a couple home on latest.
5. EOREUM GONGJU – Much improved 3rd of 12 on August 5th at class and distance. Could match that today.
6. DAEBOREUMDAL – 5th of 8 last start and up against it here.
7. KEUNJAYU – Winner of her last two, including class and distance last time. Carries a little more weight today but every chance of making it three in a row.
8. JILJU HWASIN – Managed a 3rd place over a mile in April but poor in three efforts since.
9. KWAEHAN JILJU – Comes in off two consecutive 3rds and a 5th. In the placing frame again.

 Verdict: (7) KEUNJAYU comes in on a hat-trick and despite being up in the weights today, she can convert. (2) SPECIAL ROOKIE and (3) WONDER WALL both return after absences and should make their presences felt while (9) KWAEHAN JILJU is a reliable placer at this level and can get close.

Selections (7) Keunjayu (3) Wonder Wall (9) Kwaehan Jilju (2) Special Rookie
Next Best 5, 4
Fast Start 3, 5


Seoul Race 6: Class 4 (1200M) Allowance / KRW 75 Million

1. ACE KING – Debut-maker. US$170K purchase. Trialed well and champion jockey on board. Will be backed.
2. NICE DASH – $US25K purchase. Won a trial in a quick time and has ever chance here.
3. HI OLD SILVER – First-timer. Won his trial in a quick time and is in the frame first-up.
4. JEONGSANG CHAMP – Only beat one home on debut.
5. HANYANGUI JILJU – Trialed up in reasonable fashion. Not impossible.
6. MOONHAK CHIEF –Two starts so far and a winner last time, on July 16th over 1300M. Big chance again.
7. KAILASH DANCER – Average trial but top trainer and jockey combination.
8. TO GO WIN – Debut-maker. Underwhelming in trials.
9. INCHEON CHAMP – Last of 11 on debut last month.
10. FLYING MUNNING – 4th and 2nd in two starts so far, beating Bada Chief and Jeongsang Champ last time. In the hunt here.
11. BADA CHIEF – Two outings so far and beaten by Flying Munning in both.
12. GEUMBIT BEONGAE – First timer starter today. Nothing special in trials.

Verdict: Plenty of first-timers here but we’ll go with the experience and in particular with the winning experience. That’s (6) MOONHAK CHIEF, successful over 1300M last month and the one to beat today. (10) FLYING MUNNING has also shown talent in two outings so far and is to be considered. Among the debut-makers, three stand out. (1) ACE KING, (2) NICE DASH and (3) HI OLD SILVER all caught the eye in trials.


Selections (6) Moonhak Chief (10) Flying Munning (2) Nice Dash (1) Ace King
Next Best 3, 5
Fast Start 1, 2, 10


Busan Race 4: Class 3 (1200M) Handicap

1. YEONGWON CHUKJE – Had a brief trip back down to class 4 but was promptly bumped up again following 2nd at the distance on August 6th. Can get close.
2. GOLD SKY – Had a hard time back up at this class last start and despite a top jockey on, won’t be among the favourites.
3. LOAD CELL – Generally beats a few but then finds a few too quick. Similar likely here.
4. CHOEGANG DREAM – Never worse than 4th in eight efforts so far. Up in class following victory at this distance a month ago. The one to beat.
5. GOLD FLYING – Good 2nd behind Keunjayu last start which was his first at this level. In the frame here.
6. GABO STAR – Well back behind Gold Flying last time.
7. MIRACLE BOLT – Close in recent outings. Likely front-runner and gets close again.
8. SHORT STOP – Has three 2nd places at this level. Not impossible.

Verdict: (4) CHOEGANG DREAM looks to be headed for higher levels than this – at least at sprint distance and can keep his good run going here on what’s his first try at class 3. Best chance of stopping him is probably (5) GOLD FLYING or, at a push, (1) YEONGWON CHUKJE, but they’ll both need to find a little more. (8) SHORT STOP can’t be ruled out.


Selections (4) Choegang Dream (5) Gold Flying (1) Yeongwon Chukje (8) Short Stop
Next Best 7
Fast Start 3, 7


Seoul Race 7: Class 4 (1400M) Handicap / KRW 60 Million

1. CHAMPION GLORY – Struggled in two outings at this level.
2. JEONSEOLUI MANYEO – Getting colder of late. Last of 11 at 1200M last start and plenty to find here.
3. BEST QUEEN – Yet to really get to grips with this level. Steps slightly up in trip after recent outings all at 1300M. Outsider.
4. MIRACLE TO YOU – Comes in off four 3rd places and one 2nd from his most recent five. 3rd behind a track-record breaking effort at 1300M last time, he should surely be at least 3rd again.
5. GWACHEON BOLT – Underwhelming in five outings so far. Slight improvement with 5th of 11 on latest. First try at 1400M today.
6. TAEYANGUI HUYE – Poor run when well backed over 1300M on June 18th. A couple of months off since, he can be given another chance today.
7. PHOENIX SUN – A win and two 2nd places have him up to class 4, Has been odds-on for both his latest two and though he came up short both times, will likely be favourite again.
8. JINGYEOGUI TYRANNO – Aussie bred. 8th of 12 on his debut at the end of June. Plenty to find.
9. SONGAM GANGJA – Returned from three months off to win handily over 1300M on July 16th. Up in class but in the frame again.
10. CITY WOLF – Yet to win in seventeen but he’s frequently close. 3rd behind Moonhak Chief last start.
11. BEST TAKER – Close in latest efforts and looks in the placing frame again.

Verdict: An eye-catching eleven-length winner on debut, (7) PHOENIX SUN was sent off at long odds-on for both his subsequent outings at class 5. He came up short both times, racing 2nd at 1300M and 1000M respectively. Those 2nd places are enough to put him up in class here and up in distance too but he carries significantly less weight and if he can get on the early lead, this time he can do it. (4) MIRACLE TO YOU and another who is up in class, (9) SONGAM GANGJA, look to have the best chance of beating the favourite.

Selections (7) Phoenix Sun (4) Miracle To You (9) Songam Gangja (11) Best Taker
Next Best 6, 8
Fast Start 4, 6, 7, 10


Busan Race 5: Class 2 (1400M) Handicap

1. CHEONHA TONGIL – Up in class following back to back wins. Stiffer test here but not impossible.
2. QUIET RAPTOR – 8th of 12 behind Great Song and The Grand on first try at this class last start.
3. SUPER STORM – Improved 4th over 1200M on July 14th. Would do very well to match that here.
4. YANKEE DREAM – Latest form is cold.
5. THE GRAND – Won back to back races in April and June but was 7th behind Pangpang Hero and Great Song last time. Worth another chance here.
6. WOOA – Comes in followjng 3rd and 4th in tough company in latest two. Drops back in trip today and that could make the difference.
7. GREAT SONG – Beaten by Pangpang Hero on July 21st but returned the favour three weeks ago on his way to 3rd at this distance. A chance.
8. PUREUN ACE – He’s been relegated from class 1. Class 2 was no cakewalk for him either and the weights won’t favour him for a while.
9. JIBONG SARANG – Returned from ten months off to only beat a couple home on June 25th. Needed that and will probably need this too.
10. QUEEN TWO HEARTS Only beat one home in Stakes race last month. Not favoured here either.
11. PANGPANG HERO – Beat four of these when 3rd at class and distance in July. 5th behind Great Song last time, an apprentice takes plenty of weight off and it’s not impossible.
12. DERBY ACE – Had a hard time on first try at this class on July 21st.

Verdict: Really competitive race this. We’ll veer on the side of (6) WOOA to appreciate the drop in trip and just about shade it. (5) THE GRAND and (7) GREAT SONG also enter in solid form and should go close while (1) CHEONHA TONGIL enters on a hat-trick and although the company is better today, could well achieve it.


Selections (6) Wooa (7) Great Song (5) The Grand (1) Cheonha Tongil
Next Best 9, 11
Fast Start 1, 4, 9, 10


Seoul Race 8: Class 4 (1400M) Handicap / KRW 60 Million

1. ELITE QUEEN – Offered little in recent outings.
2. NEONEUN ACE – Close in recent starts. 3rd of 8 ahead of Garam Sanseong and Only Go on July 1st and a big chance here.
3. HAWK EYES – Held his own at this level although has tended to find one or two too quick and probably will again.
4. ALPHAWA OMEGA – Up in class having won over 1300M on July 22nd. Looks to still have scope for more progress. Slow starter but strong finisher.
5. SOBAKANINSAENG – Just the one win from 35 but usually not too far away. Minor money chance.
6. ONLY GO – Beaten by Noneun Ace and Garam Sanseong on July 1st, he has plenty of form to overturn here.
7. GEUMGANG CHEONHA – 7th last time but the margins weren’t big. Strong finisher and if she doesn’t leave herself too much to do, she could well go close.
8. STAR POWER – Disappointed last time when well-backed over 1300M. That was his first try at this level and he’ll need to find more today.
9. GWANGMA HILL – Up in class having won by a length over 1300M on July 29th. He’ll be on pace early but needs to find more here.
10. IN BORN CHAMP – Two starts into a comeback following seven months out. He ws a strong 4th over 1300M last time. Could repeat that finish.
11. COLORS TROUBLE – Dead-heated for 5th in July with Sokananinsaeng a couple of lengths ahead but improved last time out. In the frame here.
12. GARAM SANSEONG – Will beat plenty of these but may not have to speed to trouble the judges.

Verdict: Any number of these could land this tricky contest but (11) COLORS TROUBLE could well start the favourite. He put in a strong performance over 1300M at the end of last month, should be on sped early and the presence of Moon Se Young on board may be enough to tip it in his favour. (2) NONEUN ACE also enters in good shape and must be respected while challenges are expected too from the up in class (4) ALPHAWA OMEGA, (8) STAR POWER and even (7) GEUMGANG CHEONHA, whose recent form is stronger than it looks on paper.


Selections (11) Colors Trouble (2) Neoneun Ace (4) Alphawa Omega (8) Star Power
Next Best 7, 5, 10
Fast Start 2, 6, 9


Busan Race 6: Class 1 (1400M) Handicap

1. TARIAT TALE – Got further away in recent efforts but steps back in trip today.
2. MORNING DAERO – Winner of a similar race at class and distance on July 16th. More weight today but every chance of repeating.
3. BOLD KINGS – Not been the same as he was early in his career when he won the Grand Prix Stakes at the age of 3 but he’s still a decent horse and this may well suit.
4. USEUNG LINE – First start since January. Trialed up in decent order but won’t be favoured first up.
5. CHEONJI PARK – Improved 2nd behind Perdido Pomeroy on latest outing and ahead of Bold Kings and Mujeok Wonderful. In the frame.
6. BATHSHEBA PARK – Pulled off a shock win over class and distance last time. She can never be ruled out.
7. FOREST BOLD – Recent form uninspiring.
8. SUPREME MAGIC – Not won or even placed since shock win in big Stakes race last summer.
9. BINGGORAGIO – Well back behind Morning Daero last start.
10. MUJEOK WONDERFUL – Won three in a row between May and June to get promoted to this class. 7th of 9 behind Cheonji Park on first attempt at it but can improve here.

Verdict: (2) MORNING DAERO just got up to win by a nose at class and distance last time and while he is up in the weights here, he has as much chance as any of carrying off this competitive handicap. (5) CHEONJI PARK was much improved last time and will be a danger while 2015 Grand Prix Stakes winner (3) BOLD KINGS could also finally get back to winning ways having shown some glimpses lately. (10) MUJEOK WONDERFUL the other to consider.


Selections (2) Morning Daero (3) Bold Kings (5) Cheonji Park (10) Mujeok Wonderful
Next Best 6, 1
Fast Start 2, 10


Seoul Race 9: Class 4 (1700M) Handicap / KRW 60 Million

1. GWACHEON WONDER – Class 5 winner at the distance in June and 4th on first try at this level last time. A chance.
2. SPECIAL SHINE – Never too far away, she’s gone well at the distance before albeit at class 5. 4th over 1200M on latest, it’s not impossible.
3. SONGAM STAR – Gone very cold since returning from nine months off.
4. MUCH MONEY – Two starts into a comeback, he’s been 2nd in both of those. Stepped up to 1700M for the first time, he’ll be favourite.
5. HAE DAP – Up in class having won over 1300M on July 29th, he’s also up to two turns for the first-time. Plenty to find but can compete.
6. DEOKSUNG ILHO – Up in distance today and perhaps quite a bit to find. Likely to be on the early speed.
7. BLACK POINT – Up in class following a narrow victory over Hibiki last time at this distance. Stable is improving and she can be respected.
8. HIBIKI – Sporting the Yoshida colours, he steps up in class having been narrowly defeated by Black Point on July 22nd. A chance.

Verdict: (4) MUCH MONEY is up in distance today but can end his strong of runner-up finishes and potentially lead from gate to wire here. (1) GWACHEON WONDER looks to be the main danger although the up in class pair of (7) BLACK POINT and (8) HIBIKI have proved themselves at the distance and could be interesting.


Selections (4) Much Money (8) Hibiki (1) Gwacheon Wonder (7) Black Point
Next Best 5, 2
Fast Start 4, 6


Seoul Race 10: Class 3 (1700M) Handicap

1. MAJUNGMUL – 2nd to Daebobae in April was the last in a series of four runner-up finishes. Gone ok in tough company in two starts since.
2. DIDORPHIN – Comes in off back to back 4th places. In the frame here.
3. WILD THUNDER – Creditable 6th place in final leg of the Triple Crown last start, he has to be in with a chance today.
4. DEUMJIKI – 4th of 11 on latest outing, behind Daebo Myeongga. Could match that today.
5. YESANGBAEK SEUNG – 5th in the Korean Oaks in June but only beat one home on return to Seoul last month.
6. DAEBOBAE – Beaten a few of these lately but is inconsistent and latest two don’t inspire.
7. GEUMTAEPUNG – Has two 2nd places finishes at class and distance. Slightly disappointing behind Majungmul latest.
8. SAMBA FESTIVAL – Comes in following a very good 2nd at class and distance on August 8th. Tougher company today though.
9. NAREUMUI YEONGHON – Up in class having won over the distance on June 24th. Nine weeks off since and a bit to find.
10. HAPPY TODAY – No worse than 4th in each of latest seven outings. Up in distance today though and a bit to find to maintain that record.
11. DAEBO MYEONGGA – Returned from six months off to run a very good 2nd on July 30th. Up in distance today but not in the hunt.
12. SPECIAL RUNNER – Returned from seven months out to run a very good 3rd of 12 at class and distance just two weeks ago. Looks the one to beat.

Verdict: (12) SPECIAL RUNNER looked good in 3rd on his return from a lengthy lay-off two weeks ago and under the champion jockey, is the pick here. He can settle in behind and finish strongly. (2) DIDORPHIN enters in good form and can come close while (3) WILD THUNDER races for the first time since a good showing in the Minister’s Cup. (1) MAJANGMUL and (11) DAEBO MYEONGGA among several others in the frame.

Selections (12) Special Runner (3) Wild Thunder (2) Didorphin (11) Daebo Myeongga
Next Best 1, 4
Fast Start 1, 2, 6, 11

Seoul Race 11: Class 1 (1400M) Handicap

1. CUPID POWER – Won at this class over 1200M in May. Two solid runs in good company since and he can win this.
2. POWER BISEUL – Up in class following a narrow victory over 1200M in July. Big step up but not impossible.
3. THEME DEUNGGEUK – Steps back in trip following a win and 2nd place over 1800M. Bug chance again.
4. BRIG – rarely far away and in the hunt again, at least for a place.
5. DIPLOMATIC MISSION – A win and a 2nd place in latest two, both at class and distance. Beat Cupid Power and Seonbong last time and in the hunt again.
6. HAEMARU – Well back on latest and weight not in his favour.
7. IMPETUS – 3rd behind Diplomatic Mission and ahead of Brig last start. Placing chances.
8. GWANGBOK CHILSIP – Beat a couple of these on return from four month absence in July but still a bit to find in this company.
9. SEONBONG – 4th behind Diplomatic Mission and Cupid Power on July 30th. Never rule him out.
10. CLEAN UP BINGO – First start at class 1 after running out a three-length winner over 1200M on June 25th. A bit to find but not impossible.
11. GOLD MOUNTAIN – Should benefit from the drop back in trip today.
12. LION STAR – Last behind Diplomatic Mission on latest outing.

Verdict: Really competitive Class 1 race to finish it and nothing would be a total surprise. (5) DIPLOMATIC MISSION and (1) CUPID POWER ran 2nd and 3rd at class and distance on July 30th and they could well be battling it out for top honouts this time. (9) SEONBONG was just a neck further back that day and should be involved here again although the one they all need to beat is (3) THEME DEUNGGEUK, who looks nicely in here, dropping back in trip following two very solid outings over 1800M


Selections (3) Theme Deunggeuk (5) Diplomatic Mission (1) Cupid Power (9) Seonbong
Next Best 4, 11
Fast Start 5, 6, 10, 12


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