Day: March 30, 2016

Silk Chasing! Owners Get Their Own Colours From April

Korean races are going to start to look rather different from April with the long-standing tradition in the country of jockeys wearing their own silks being phased out as Owners finally get to see their horses run in colours of their choosing.


Park Tae Jong is approaching 2000 career wins. Will he ride the milestone one in the same colours he’s ridden all the others? (Pic: Ross Holburt)


On the one hand, jockeys having their own colours makes Korean racing very accessible and easy to pick up. Punters have little difficulty picking out the mount of Moon Se Young, Park Tae Jong or Djordje Perovic because they are always wearing the same thing. Toshio Uchida built his reputation in the NAR (another jurisdiction that still uses jockey colours) in Japan as “Mr. Pink” and continued it in Korea.

On the other hand, as Korea seeks to slowly come in line with other racing jurisdictions, it seems a natural progression. While owners in the country are some of the most fortunate in the world – prize money and subsidies are generous to the extent that it is almost difficult to lose money as an owner – racehorse ownership still isn’t seen as something to mention in polite society. Win pictures are only produced after Stakes races. After all, what’s the point of posing with a jockey wearing his own silks and not yours? Maybe this will change.

Another plus to the change is that many of the current jockey silks are brazenly copied from well-known colours overseas. That was fine when nobody else was watching racing here but that is changing too.

For punters’ convenience, owners will only get to select a jacket design as the caps will still correspond to gate number. As further help for viewers, an on-screen tracking system, called “K-Track” has also been recently launched at Seoul and if successful, will be extended to Busan within the next year.

Except for new owners it isn’t compulsory and as of now, seventeen owners at Seoul and ten at Busan have selected colours. They include foreign owners Joe Dallao, Barry Irwin and the Yoshidas. It’s expected that as more see it in action, more will register their own. At Busan on Friday, two owners with their own colours have horses running.

KRA Cup Mile 2016 – Runners & Riders

The first leg of the 2016 Korean Triple Crown is at Busan Racecourse this coming Sunday, April 3rd. Twelve are set to line up for the KRA Cup Mile – The “Korean Guineas”.

Champion juvenile Power Blade will be there along with stablemate from the Kim Young Kwan barn Ottug Ottugi. Peter Wosley sends out the hughly-rated Banjiui Jewang while from Seoul, champion jockey Moon Se Young travels down to partner the capital’s best hope, Gongryong.

We’ll have a full runner by runner preview of the big race on Saturday. In the meantime, here’s the barrier draw (Name [Pedigree] (Runs/1st/2nd/3rd) Trainer – Jockey:

KRA Cup Mile (KOR G2) – Busan Racecourse – 1600M – Sunday April 3, 2016

1. Gongryong [Revere – Parisilton (Woodman)] (7/4/1/0) DS Bae – Moon Se Young
2. Ever In Ever [Sharp Humor – Habidongju (Silent Warrior)] (6/3/2/1) KY Baik – Seo Seung Un
3. Stealth [Colors Flying – Missed The Tower (Woodman)] (8/4/0/1) SY Lee – Ikuyasu Kurakane
4. Theme Deunggeuk [Menifee – Pilseung Giwon (Silent Warior)] (7/2/3/1) JK Park – Park Eul Woon
5. Smart Gentleman [Menifee – Hennesy N Lime (Limehouse)] (8/4/1/2) JS Kim – Makoto Okabe
6. Dyna’s Dream [Meiner Select – Dyna’s Gold Legend (Gold Legend)] (7/3/2/0) SB Han – Jo Chang Wook
7. Argo Flying [Colors Flying – Proper Prospector (Crafty Prospector)] (3/1/1/1) JY Heo – Kim Dong Soo
8. Banjiui Jewang [Ecton Park – Sweetoil (Broken Vow)] (5/4/1/0) PM Wolsley – Pasquale Borelli
9. Gasok Engine [Forest Camp – Cat Lea (Cat Thief)] (6/4/1/0) JS Kim – Lim Sung Sil
10.Power Blade [Menifee – Cheonmacheong (Lost Mountain)] (6/4/2/0) YK Kim- Kim Yong Geun
11. Ottug Ottugi [Forest Camp – Main Objective (Lion Heart)] (7/5/1/0) YK Kim – Choi Si Dae
12. Zettabyte [Menifee – Fight Back (Sakura Seeking)] (7/3/2/1) KM Lim – You Hyun Myung

The KRA Cup Mile is race 6 of 7 on the card at busan on Sunday and is scheduled to come under orders at 16:40.