1. Thanks Thomas, all I want are some long-priced winners!

    Are you the same Thomas Song who used to sit in the Foreigner Lounge with Frank the American a few years ago?

    1. Yeah…right…Frank who was a korean country manager in Vectel Int’l.now working at Rio ..Brazil..always missing korean horseracing..haha..still get in touch with him using the kakaotalk…I’m still being stationed at same place..

      1. You know that?
        Most foreigners who are living in korea and have interested in horse race
        simply handicapping the jockeys..not horses…
        They bet the jockeys..not horses..^^
        And so many koreans do the same…
        To them it’s jockeys races.
        Don’t know about the horses
        and think don’t need to ,don’t want to…

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