Seoul Trainer Suspended Under Integrity Laws

The Korea Racing Authority (KRA) confirmed on Thursday that trainer Kim Myoung Guk has had his license suspended after being placed under investigation for alleged breaches of Korean racing’s very strict integrity laws.

Although the details of the alleged offences were not made public at this time, these kind of charges generally relate to the illicit passing on of information that hasn’t been made available to the public.

Kim Myoung Guk has been training since 1995 and has saddled 370 winners from 4597 runners. He won Korea’s most prestigious race, the Grand Prix Stakes with Flying Cat in 2006 and has sent out the winner of the Sports Chosun Cup on two occasions. The Owners’ Trophy and JRA Trophy are also among the big races he has won.

Kim currently has 17 horses in his barn, an average size for Seoul, although he had yet to send out a winner this year.


  1. I’m all for strict regulation of horse racing. But it seems odd that they trainer can be suspended without the reason being made public.

    1. i heard 2 trainers and 1 kra official suspended because of police investigation….kra police (called here, stewards probably more correct word) got nothing to do with it….i heard the police investigation headquartered in seosan city but don’t know much details….so kra had to suspend them because of the police investigation that out of their control….so being investigated by police is good enough for kra to suspend them….the word on street is that cheating trainers have connections within kra officials…so kra investigators turning blind eyes to many fishy events….

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