2010 Review: Cho & Jo Take Jockey Crowns

Moon Se Young returned from suspension to ride a final day treble to cut the gap to two, but it was Cho Kyoung Ho who, for the first time in his career, rode off with the 2010 Seoul Jockeys’ Championship.

Cho Kyoung Ho is Champion Jockey 2010

Victory capped a remarkable season for thirty-four year old Cho who also secured four Stakes victories: Tough Win in the Busan Metropolitan and KRA Cup Classic, Geumgangi in the Munhwa Ilbo and Dongbang Rose in the Nonghyup.

As for Moon Se Young, a five day ban picked up in late November ruled him out of all but the last day of racing in December and ultimately cost him the title. Nevertheless, with 118 wins, it was still another extremely lucrative year for the 2008 Champion. Veteran rider Park Tae Jong was third with 87 winners.

2010 Seoul Jockeys’ Championship

1. Cho Kyoung Ho – 120
2. Moon Se Young – 118
3. Park Tae Jong – 87
4. Choi Bum Hyun – 49
5. Ham Wan Sik – 45

Down at Busan, it wasn’t quite so close as Jo Sung Gon had things wrapped up by November, ultimately winning by 26 from Jo Chang Wook, who got the better of Yoo Hyun Myung and Park Geum Man in a three-way battle for second pace. Japnese rider Hitomi Miyashita took fifth place.

Jo Sung Gon Dominated Busan

In addition to winning the Busan title, Jo Sung Gon also picked up a number of major wins. Principally, he travelled up to Seoul twice in the autumn to partner Dangdae Bulpae to both the Minister’s and Presidents Cups. Not exactly a shrinking violet, floppy-fringed Jo was barracked by punters after the President’s Cup challenging him to come up to Seoul full-time to try his luck with the likes of Cho Kyoung Ho and Moon Se Young. For now though, it seems he is content to be the biggest fish in the slightly smaller Busan tank.

2010 Busan Jockeys’ Championship

1. Jo Sung Gon – 84
2. Jo Chang Wook – 58
3. Yoo Hyun Myung – 57
4. Park Geum Man – 54
5. Hitomi Miyashita – 40

At the pony-racing colony on Jeju Island, young rider Jeon Hyun Jun, who turned professional in 2005 took the crown. The 23 year-old scored 76 winners.

2010 Jeju Jockeys’ Championship

1. Jeon Hyun Jun – 76
2. Jang Woo Sung
3. Kang Seong – 62
4. Park Hoon – 60
5. Moon Sung Ho – 53

* A number of overseas riders have appeared at both Seoul and Busan this year. We’ll be having a special report on all of those over the next week as our round-up of 2010 continues.


  1. Jo Sun Gun the big fish in the small pond (busan) is much better off staying at busan as the competion i think (from my experience) is much stronger there and as he is still a young man has a lot to learn with probably more forward thinking people there than seoul.
    Congrats to Park Geum Man, future champion jockey with two great mentors in Peter Wolsey and Kenneth Michel, in coming third place in the jockeys championship, a nice guy, with a great attitude and work ettic

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