Day: March 31, 2008

KRA faces “punitive measures” for “malpractice”

On a bad Monday morning for the Korea Racing Authority (KRA), the state auditor named it as one of seven public companies out of thirty one inspected that will face punishment for various wrongdoings. The KRA’s alleged offence appears to have been to declare overtime work payments as “basic fees” thereby paying its employees too much. The announcement has intensified calls in some parts of the media for the KRA along with the other public companies (including the Korea Coal and Oil Corporations) to be privatised, as well as speculation that executives in the companies – who are appointed by the government may be replaced after the April 9 National Assembly elections. See articles here and here.

Cancellation caused by “poor track”

The KRA has come under fire for Sunday’s late cancellation which apparently came after some racegoers had entered the track. Local press has put the cause of the cancellation of racing on what turned out to be a mild and dry, if slightly breezy, spring day on the supposedly all-weather track down to there being excessive salt in the track which, during Saturday’s downpours turned the course into a quagmire. This had severely impeded jockey’s visibility making racing too dangerous. Indeed both last Sunday and on Saturday, conditions did not look fit for racing. Sunday was the fourth day of racing called off at Seoul in the past year – one following the death of jockey Lim Dae Gyu during a race last August and another two in November due to industrial action.

Cho narrows gap by one

Seoul Jockey’s Championship 2008
With just one day of racing over the weekend there wasn’t much change at the top of the leaderboard. Cho Kyoung Ho recorded two wins to Moon Se Young’s one to move to within ten winners. Shim Seung Tae also scored a double as did Choi Beom Hyun who moved into double figures for the year.

1. Moon Se Young 38

2. Cho Kyoung Ho 28

3. Park Tae Jong 18

4. Woo Chang Gu; Oh Kyoung Hoan; Choi Beom Hyun 11