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Weekend Preview: The “Breeders’ Cup” – Juvenile Championship To Be Decided at Seoul

The best 2-year olds from Seoul and Busan meet for the first time this Sunday in the Breeders’ Cup, the nation’s championship Juvenile race

Winter time in Seoul: It's been cold this week but it's set for a warmer weekend

Winter time in Seoul: It’s been cold this week but it’s set for a warmer weekend

Raon Morris and Jungang Gongju won Seoul and Busan’s respective big 2-year-old races back in October and they are joined by 14 others as they step up a furlong to compete for the overall title of Champion 2-year-old.

Seven fillies take their chance and two of them, Art Nouveau and Geumbit Hwanhui. Meanwhile two foreign jockeys from Busan will be in town. Joe Fujii partners Queen’s Blade – which means it is to be watched very carefully – while Jerome Lermyte makes his capital debut on Namdo Trio.

Here’s the full field (Name [Sire] Sex (Starts/1/2/3) – Jockey (Home track):

Breeders’ Cup – Seoul Race Park – 1400M – December 1, 2013 – 15:45

1. Gangchi [Volponi] C (5/2/0/1) – Lim Sung Sil (Busan)
2. Art Nouveau [Menifee] F (2/2/0/0) – Cho Kyoung Ho (Seoul)
3. Sangseung Janggun [One Cool Cat] C (6/2/1/0) – Park Geum Man (Busan)
4. Raon Morris [Yankee Victor] C (4/3/1/0) – Moon Se Young (Seoul)
5. Queen’s Blade [Menifee] F (4/2/2/0) – Kanichiro Fujii
6. Cheonwang Dungi [Didyme] C (5/2/2/0) – Shin Hyoung Chul
7. Yeonggwanguichampion [Menifee] C (3/2/0/1) – Song Keong Yun (Busan)
8. Nubi Queen [Menifee] F (5/2/1/0) – Jo In Kwen (Seoul)
9. Korea Hunter [One Cool Cat] C (6/0/3/1) – Mun Jung Won (Busan)
10. Secret Garden [Archer City Slew] F (5/2/0/1) – Kim Young Min (Busan)
11. Geumbit Hwanhui [Peace Rules] F (2/2/0/0) – Jang Chu Youl (Seoul)
12. Forever Daemul [Exploit] C (4/2/0/2) – Park Tae Jong (Seoul)
13. Cheongnyong Bisang [Volponi] C (4/2/0/0) – Seo Seung Un (Seoul)
14. Namdo Trio [Didyme] C (4/1/2/0) – Jerome Lermyte (Busan)
15. Pureun Geotap [Menifee] F (5/1/1/1) – Lee Chan Ho (Seoul)
16. Jungang Gongju [Menifee] F (4/2/2/0) – Choi Si Dae (Busan)

Here’s what’s happening when and where this weekend:

Friday November 29
Busan Race Park: 11 races from 11:50 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 13:10 to 17:40

Saturday November 30
Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 11:00 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 12:20 to 17:10

Sunday December 1
Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 11:00 to 18:00 including the Breeders’ Cup at 15:45
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 12:50 to 17:00