Sunday Seoul & Busan: Race-By-Race Preview (August 20)

The Autumn Carnival was officially launched this weekend – see the press release below – but we’ve still got plenty of racing to go before we get to the Korea Cup & Sprint on the second Sunday in September. It’s a wet Sunday morning in Seoul but there are 11 races from 11:45 to 19:00 while at Busan there are 6 from 13:25 to 17:35. See below for form comments on all races for overseas simulcast:

Simulcast Form Comments:

Seoul Race 1: Class 6 (1000M) Allowance / KRW 22 Million

1. YAHO STRONG CAT – First-time starter. Didn’t catch the eye in trials.
2. DALLYEORA PACHYAI – Much improved 2nd on second outing at this distance July 23rd. Big chance here. Could well lead all the way.
3. WHITE ERICA – First time starter. Watching brief first up.
4. WONDERFUL LUCKY – 10th of 12 on debut on July 28th. Not yet.
5. FANTASTIC QUEEN – Best of 5th from six starts so far. Could improve on that here.
6. SEMYEONG KHAN – 2nd on debut in June but could only manage 8th when stepped up to 1300M last time. Should go much better back at 1000M today.
7. PENETRO – Debut-maker from Japanese owner Kadono Shigeo. Looked ok in trials and will be backed first up.
8. SHUMA – Managed a 2nd place over 1300M back in March. First start since April and makes for an interesting outsider.
9. SAEROUN GUNHWANG – Offered little in two efforts so far.
10. GOLD MONT – Well off the pace in two outings so far. Top jockey on today though.
11. STORMY PASSION – Career best 4th over 1000M on muddy track on July 29th ahead of Fapp Cat. Not impossible.
12. FAPP CAT – Only beat a couple home on debut behind Stormy Passion on July 29th. Not ready yet.

Verdict: Two standouts here. (2) DALLYEORA PACHYAI improved a lot on his second start, running a close 2nd. If he can get the early lead here, he could be tough to beat. The other is (6) SEMYOUNG KHAN who put in a solid shift on debut but found it harder when asked to travel further on reappearance. He should be better today. (11) STORMY PASSION looks to be figuring things out while debut-maker (7) PENETRO looks potentially intriguing.


Selections (2) Dallyeora Pachyai (6) Semyoung Khan (11) Stormy Passion (7) Penetro
Next Best 5, 8
Fast Start 2, 5, 6, 7


Seoul Race 2: Class 6 (1000M) Allowance / KRW 22 Million

1. CRYSTALGACHI – Yet to trouble the judges in five outings.
2. ENJOY MY SHOW – Has had an extremely luckless time but on the rare occasions she’s got to the track, she has shown promise. First start since December, trialed ok and not impossible.
3. KHENDUM POWER – Well backed on debut after promising trial but only beat one home on July 29. Worth another chance here.
4. ONE TWO THREE – Best of 5th from four goes so far. Can at least match that in this company.
5. BLACK TRIGGER – Debut-maker who didn’t catch the eye in trials. Watching brief here.
6. UPDATE – Been showing signs of figuring things out. 5th, ahead of Best Mission on latest and looks among the favourites.
7. SUPER COBRA – Debut-maker. Less than impressive in trials. All half-siblings have won though.
8. BEST MISSION – Managed a 4th place back in January but offered little since.
9. BIG MASTER – Improved 5th last time. Still a bit to find.
10. GIJEOGUI JEWANG – Debuted almost a year ago with a 2nd place but only raced twice since. First start since Christmas Day. Trialed up well.
11. CAPTAIN POWER – 9th of 12 on debut on July 22nd. Lots to find.
12. MR. KING – The most experienced in the race. 6th of 11 last time but has managed a 3rd. Not impossible.

Verdict: Not a strong race and that means a lot could be in the hunt. We’ll go with (6) UPDATE, who looked hopeless in his first few but has shown clear signs of figuring things out. Likewise it’s a fresh start for (2) ENJOY MY SHOW trialed well and has plenty of talent. (3) KHENDUM POWER disappointed on debut but we’ll not give up just yet while (4) ONE TWO THREE could also improve.


Selections (2) Enjoy My Show (6) Update (3) Khendum Power (4) One Two Three
Next Best 10, 12
Fast Start 2, 1, 3, 6


Seoul Race 3: Class 5 (1000M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. EUMAK DAEJANG – 2nd of 9 ahead of Dia Tap on latest start on July 15th. In the frame today.
2. HANIL ENSEMBLE – Yet to win in 18 but occasionally picks up some minor money. Only beat one home on latest start July 16th at 1300M.
3. FIRSTIGE – 2nd at this distance on first try at this class on July 23rd. Strong claims today.
4. GWANGMYEONG SARANG – Not found it easy at this level but was an improved 5th of 10 ahead of Sokbo Taeja on latest outing.
5. DALDARI – 4th of 10 at class and distance ahead of Uriui Sowon in June before only beating a couple home
6. SEUNGNIUI YEOWANG – Up in class following maiden win on seventh attempt, all of them at this distance, on July 8th. Made all. A bit to find but not impossible.
7. YEOKJEONUI SUNGAN – Debut winner on May and then 3rd and 4th in two tries so far at this level. Beaten by Sokbo Taeja last time but big chance under good jockey.
8. URIUI SOWON – Not too far away in recent outings. 5th behind Daldari last start. May find one or two too quick again.
9. DIA TAP – Performed creditably in three tries at this class. 3rd of 9 last time behind Eumak Daejang. In the hunt.
10. SOKBO TAEJA – 3rd of 8 ahead of Yeokjeonui Sungan last start at the distance. That was much improved but he will need to improve again to match it today.
11. WANGDAEJANG – Has had a hard time at this level.
12. BIG CHAMP – First start for more than a year. Trialed up in average fashion. Watch first up.

Verdict: Competitive race this. We’ll go for Johan Victoire to get the job done on (7) YEOKJEONUI SUNGAN, who looks to have a win in him at this level. He was beaten by (10) SOKBO TAEJA on his last start but van overturn that form today. Yeokjeonui Sungan should be on the early speed along with (3) FIRSTIGE and (6) SEUNGNIUI YEOWANG and they look the other main dangers.


Selections (7) Yeokjeonui Sungan (3) Firstige (6) Seungniui Yeowang (10) Sokbo Taeja
Next Best 1, 2
Fast Start 3, 6, 7


Busan Race 1: Class 4 (1000M) Handicap / KRW 55 Million

1. YEONGGWANGUISINHWA – Recent form uninspiring.
2. HAEUNDAE YEOGEOL – Took a couple of races to figure things out but rapidly up in class following two consecutive convincing wins. The one to beat again.
3. YEONSEUNG JILJU – Beaten by Daehoyeoganggun in both his latest two, he may beat a couple but has lots to find.
4. SWOOP – Showed some signs of getting back in form with 4th of 11 last time out on July 7th. Can continue that here.
5. WINDY PARK – Up in class following a win and a 2nd place at class 5, both at this distance. He’s quick and could win again.
6. MY ALICE – Down in class today having struggled a lot lately at class 3. Significantly back in trip too hut still a big outsider.
7. WHITTE QUEENS – Recent form is cold.
8. DAEHOYEOJANGGUN – Generally beats a few and is in the placing frame here.

Verdict: (2) HAEUNDAE YEOGEOL looks a talent at this distance and after two all the way wins in very fast times, is hard to bet against here. (5) WINDY PARK is the other one with speed and looks the only serious danger although there should be solid runs from (4) SWOOP and (8) DAEHOYEOJANGGUN.


Selections (2) Haeundae Yeogeol (5) Windy Park (4) Swoop (8) Daehoyeojanggun
Next Best 3
Fast Start 2, 5, 6


Seoul Race 4: Class 5 (1300M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. SHANGHAI PANGPANG – 3rd over 1200M in June and 5th last time. Matching those would be a good result today.
2. DUMANGANG – Winner at this class and distance last time beating Wing Fly, In the hunt again.
3. YEONDARA – Enters after three consecutive 4ths. Capable of keeping that run going and possibly better.
4. MONE FLYING – Maiden win on second outing on July 15th with a front-running victory over 1000M. Up in class and distance but ran on well both times.
5. WING FLY – Good 3rd place behind Dumangang on July 23rd. That was her first start for nine months and she’s in the placing hunt again.
6. ALL KILL – Best result for some time on July 22nd when 3rd over this distance. Repeat not impossible.
7. SOCCER GLORY – Yet to win but up in class having come close too many times at class 6. Wil need to find a bit.
8. DAEGUNHAM – Well back behind All Kill on first try at this class on July 22nd.
9. CHANGYOUNG – Surprise 30/1 winner at this class over 1200M on July 23rd, Carries more weight today but stable in form.
10. ELAN – Came up short when odds on at class and distance last time. Looks a talent though and worth another chance here.
11. TAMNA KING – Up in class following maiden win over this distance on July 15th. Plenty to find.
12. SHARK PARTY – Up in class following good win over this distance on July 22nd. Ran on very nicely and should be in the frame today.

Verdict: (10) ELAN was odds-on favourite for his first try at this class three weeks ago but despite leading for much of the way, came up short when challenged and ended up 2nd. He gets another chance here. (12) SHARK PARTY finished very impressively to get his maiden win last time out and is up in class here with claims from the outside gate while (3) YEONDARA can improve on his three consecutive 4ths. (2) DUMANGANG and (5) WING FLY, 1st and 3rd at class and distance last time are also in the frame.


Selections (10) Elan (12) Shark Party (2) Dumangang (3) Yeondara
Next Best 5, 9, 6
Fast Start 1, 4, 5, 10


Busan Race 2: Class 5 (1600M) Handicap / KRW 40 Million

1. MORNING GANGJA – Offered little in latest couple.
2. LUCKY JILJU – Beat Winner’s Coy last time but recent form isn’t inspiring.
3. SOJUNGHAN INYEON – Comes in after a 2nd and a 3rd, last time behind Madobiyeon. Up in class today but not without placing chances.
4. ROYAL HEART – Up in class following a convincing four-length win over 1300M on July 21st. First try at a mile today and solid chances again.
5. AQUA QUEEN – Beat Onnuri Gangja and Morning Gangja when 5th at class and distance on July 16th. Not among favourites but could sneak minor money again.
6. WINNER’S BOY – Offered little in two starts back from lengthy absence.
7. SEORABEOL DOLPUNG – 4th of 11 at class and distance behind Garak Gongwon on July 21st. Repeat possible here.
8. GARAK GONGWON – Always gives a good account of himself. 58th start today and a second win is not impossible.
9. MADOBIYEON – Yet to win but up in class along with Sojunghan Inyeon after they finished 2nd and 3rd at the distance last month. Could place again.
10. ONNURI GANGJA – Hasn’t found it easy in two efforts at this class.
11. GEUJIKOJI – Up in class and distance following solid win over 1300M on July 1th. Not impossible.

Verdict: While the sentimental pick would be the every-reliable (8) GARAK GONGWON to get his second career win – and it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility – the up and coming (4) ROYAL HEART may just deny that. He was a good winner at 1300M last time and can win again on his first try at a mile today. (7) SEORABEOL DOLPUNG was a length behind Garak Gongwon last start and can get close again while another up in class, (11) GEUJIKOJI, is another possible.


Selections (4) Royal Heart (11) Geujikoji (8) Garak Gongwon (7) Seorabeol Dolpung
Next Best 3, 9
Fast Start 3, 9, 11


Seoul Race 5: Class 4 (1200M) Handicap / KRW 60 Million

1. JEOMIPGASOK – Winner on first try at domestic class 4 in June at 13300M but could only manage 6th of 9 on return on July 16th. Could improve here.
2. UNAK HABIO – 4th behind Philippos and Tiz Glee on July 22nd so a bit of form to overturn here but could sneak some minor money.
3. PUREUN MAE – Much improved 3rd of 11 on July 15th at 1000M. Repeat unlikely but not impossible.
4. AWESOME SMART – 7th of 11 on debut on July 15th behind Purean Mae and ahead of Awesome Smart. Not bad but not quite ready yet.
5. BIO MAGIC – 8th of 11 behind Pureun Mae and Awesone Smart so lots to find.
6. PHILIPPOS – Debuted last year but didn’t return until July 22nd when he beat Tiz Glee and Unak Habio on his way to 2nd at this distance. The one to beat here.
7. DA BIKYEO – Getting closer, 2nd last start at the distance was his best so far and a repeat is possible.
8. MANHATTAN MUSIC – First time starter. US$25K import. Decent enough in trials.
9. ARGO MELODY – Up in class having won by a neck over 1000M on July 1st. A bit to find but could come close again.
10. SEUNGNI GIEOK – First-time starter. He cost A$100K from Inglis Ready to Race sales last year and would have been going to Brian Dean. Trial was quick enough. Interesting one.
11. TIZ GLEE – 3rd behind Philippos on what was his second start on July 22nd. Trialed up very since and in the hunt here.
12. JEONGSANG TEUKGEUB – Well back behind Da Bikyeo last time.

Verdict: (6) PHILIPPOS beat (11) TIZ GLEE by half a length as the pair finished 2nd and 3rd over this distance on July 22nd and the pair should be battling it out again today. (7) DA BIKYEO also comes in following a solid 2nd place and should be competitive while expensive Aussie import (10) SEUNGNI GIEOK makes his delayed debut.


Selections (6) Philippos (11) Tiz Glee (10) Seungni Gieok (7) Da Bikyeo
Next Best 1, 9
Fast Start 1, 6, 8, 11


Busan Race 3: Class 4 (1200M) Handicap / KRW 55 Million

1. SHOW MUST GO ON – Improved 5th of 12 last time but still an outsider here.
2. OHHWAMA – Well back behind Tuscarora Bill last time. Lots to find.
3. MAERYEOK DEONGEORI – Recent form very cold.
4. ARION METAL – 9th of 12 last time but is capable of putting in a decent performance in this company. Should improve.
5. NAMYANG QUEEN – Best in three starts at this level is 4th. Should at least match that here.
6. TUSCARORA BILL – Getting closer. 4th of 11 last time ahead of Ohhwama and in the frame for further improvement here.
7. DUBAI TEUKGEUP – Solid 3rd of 12 on debut at 1000M. He’s the one to beat today.
8. ITSAGAINT WARRIOR – Picks up minor money here and there but not looking any closer to maiden win.

Verdict: Peter Wolsley’s (7) DUBAI TEUKGEUP was 3rd on debut over 1000M on July 14th, running on well after an indifferent start. He steps up an additional furlong today and should really be winning this. (6) TUSCARORA BILL looks on the improve and is the main danger while (4) ARION METAL and (5) NAMYANG QUEEN should be able to find the money in this modest company.


Selections (7) Dubai Teukgeup (6) Tuscarora Bill (4) Arion Metal (5) Namyang Queen
Next Best 8, 2
Fast Start 5, 7


Seoul Race 6: Class 4 (1200M) Handicap / KRW 60 Million

1. HAEGARAM – 4th on first try at this level but well back on latest/
2. SUPER CAPTAIN – Improved 4th behind Hurricane Blue last time. Would do well to match that today.
3. SEUNGNI ANGEL – Recent form a little cold.
4. CHARMING GOOD – 5th behind Hurricane Blue and Super Captain on latest. Could sneak some minor money again.
5. SINUI MYEONGRYEONG – She’s two for two having blitzed both races in double-quick times. Up in class and for the first time, in distance too. Still a big chance.
6. JEONGAN KINGDOM – Class and distance winner on June. 5th at 1300M last time but back in the frame today.
7. HURRICANE BLUE – 2nd, ahead of Super Captain, Charming Good and Waikiki on July 23rd. In the placing hunt again.
8. COLORFUL CAT – 4th of 7 behind Geum Kaera on return from lengthy absence last time. Could match it.
9. YONGWANG SIDAE – Struggled in two attempts at this level.
10. HAENGUN MONEY – A touch disappointing last time but really light weight today and could improve.
11. WAIKIKI – Disappointed in her latest two; worst of the four who ran on July 23rd. Don’t rule out improvement.
12. GEUM KAERA – Very quick winner over 1000M in all filly race at this class last time. Big chance again.

Verdict: (5) SINUI MYEONGRYEONG has been very impressive in her two starts to date and while up in class and facing her stiffest test so far here, there’s no reason why she can’t come out on top again. (12) GEUM KAERA, no slouch herself, looks the biggest threat with danger coming too from the likes of (6) JEONGAN KINGDOM and (7) HURRICANE BLUE.


Selections (5) Sinui Myeongryeong (12) Geum Kaera (6) Jeongan Kingdom (7) Hurricane Blue
Next Best 11, 10
Fast Start 2, 5, 7, 8


Seoul Race 7: Class 3 (1400M) Handicap / KRW 75 Million

1. JEOLDAE BYEONGGI – Beat a couple of these when 3rd of 12 at odds of nearly 80/1 over 1700M in June but couldn’t follow up last back. Back in trip today.
2. ECO BOOSTER – 4th of 10 last time. Has done ok at this class and could match today.
3. URIGA BON – Just beaten a head into 2nd at class and distance June 3rd before running 7th of 11 in stiffer contest than this last time. Big chance here.
4. FORMER MISSION – Beaten by Uriga Bon in June but 3rd last time out on July 9th, just a nose off 2nd. Can at least repeat here.
5. BEONGAEMA – Defied expectations to run well in both latest two. Interesting outsider.
6. BOLT SIGN – A class 4 winner at this distance in June and a much improved 3rd place last time. Still more to find here.
7. DONCHON GGUMNAMU – 7th of 12 behind Jeoldae Byeonggi on first try at this level over 1700M latest outing. That would be par here too.
8. CHEONHAENG – Almost broke the track record when winning over 1200M at this class last month. Obviously the surface was racing very quick that day and this is a stiffer test but not impossible.
9. DIA SOCKS – First start since March. Looked a good prospect before layoff and trialed up very well. A chance.
10. SOKBO WANGJA – 5th of 11 at class and distance last time. Repeat would be a good result here.
11. SANGGAM MAMA – Plenty of talent but has had plenty of setbacks too. Usually well supported and a return to form can’t be ruled out.
12. SKY JEWANG – Managed 2nd place at this class over 1200M in April but mid-field in teo outings since.

Verdict: Tricky contest this one (3) URIGA BON does look ready to win after two creditable showings heading into today and (8) CHEONHAENG almost breaking the track record, regardless of how quick the surface was racing that day, has to be given some respect. However, it could be that the returning (9) DIA SOCKS, who showed plenty of talent in the past and looked very good in a recent trial, beats both of them. (4) FORMER MISSION looks best of the rest.


Selections (9) Dia Socks (8) Cheonhaeng (3) Uriga Bon (4) Former Mission
Next Best 10, 2, 5
Fast Start 7, 9, 11, 12


Seoul Race 8: Class 3 (1700M) Handicap / KRW 75 Million

1. GOLDEN GATE – Enters off back to back wins, the most recent at class and distance. Carries an extra 3.5kg today but still the one to beat.
2. ARGO FLYING – 2nd at class and distance on July 15th, well ahead of Valley Star and Rocket Queen. In the placing frame again.
3. DANGDAE GEOLJAK – Up in class following nine-length romp over 1300M on July 15th. Has proven capable at this distance in the past, light weight, top jockey and big chance.
4. SINBONGBULPAE – First start since running 3rd to Rocket Queen at class and distance in June. Exceeded expectations there.
5. CONSERVATIVE – Winner of three from seven so far. Decent 5th behind Rocket Queen and Sinbongbulpae in June. First start since and can come on for it.
6. CHOWONUI CHANGA – Not too far away usually but seems to have found his level and minor money looks his best chance.
7. ROCKET QUEEN – Beat four of these when winning at class and distance when carrying 51kg in June but struggled on reappearance carrying more. Not impossible though.
8. VALLEY STAR – Well back in recent starts and outsider again here.
9. JINMYEONGGITBAL – 3rd of 11 last time at 1400M and is a class and distance winner already. Won’t be among favourites and weight doesn’t help but not impossible.
10. BULKKOCHWANGJA – Began very well at this class in spring but has found it harder lately.
11. NEULPUREUN TIGER – Generally beats a few but well back behind Jinmyeonggitbal and Chowonui Changa last time.
12. GOLDEN STEP – Up in class having won three of his latest five. First try at two turns but can’t be ruled out.

Verdict: We’ll go for (1) GOLDEN GATE to continue his winning streak here despite the extra weight today. He led from gate to wire last time but may be content to let others show the way today and then finish strongly. One of those others is likely to be (3) DANGDAE GEOLJAK, an impressive winner last time and up in class here while (2) ARGO FLYING and (5) CONSERVATIVE are among a number of others in with a chance.


Selections (1) Golden Gate (3) Dangdae Geoljak (5) Conservative (2) Argo Flying
Next Best 7, 12
Fast Start 2, 3, 9, 12


Seoul Race 9: Class Open (1200M) Allowance / KRW 150 Million

1. ECLAIR BEAUTY – 3rd on debut a month ago. Trialed up on decent order last week. A contender.
2. OPI WINTER – 8th of 12 on debut. Plenty to find.
3. JI SEONI – Debut-maker. Looked sharp trialing up and top jockey on board.
4. KKEULEOJUNEUN SON – Two 3rd places so far, both at 1000M and both in quick times. Could be a danger.
5. YEOWOORI – 7th of 11 on debut in June behind Kkeuleojuneun Son and Sojunghan Seongbul. Plenty of form to overturn but trialed up well last week.
6. YAHO SMART CAT – Debut-maker who won a decent trial at the end of July. Not impossible first up.
7. ICHEON SSAL – Winner on debut over this distance on July 22nd. Has to be one of the favourites.
8. DAE CAIN – Only beat a couple home on debut having previously trialed up behind a couple of the others here. Outsider.
9. SOJUNGHAN SEONGBUL – Debuted behind Kkeuleojuneun Son, finishing 5th over 1000M. Can improve here.
10. HOENG UN GOL – A winner on debut and then 3rd on his first try at class 5 over this distance on July 23rd. That puts him ahead of most of these and he’s the likely favorite.

Verdict: A big prize is on offer here for these 2-year-olds who are graduates of a Jeju Breeze-Up sale. The only two who have won so far, (7) ICHEON SSAL and (10) HOENG UN GOL will be favoured. The former has only raced the once while Hoeng Un Gol backed up his form by running 3rd on his first try at class 5. (4) KKEULEOJUNEUN SON and debut-maker (6) YAHO SMART CAT look best of the rest but don’t rule out anything pulling off a big run.


Selections (7) Icheon Ssal (10) Hoeng Un Gol (4) Kkeuleojuneun Son (6) Yaho Smart Cat
Next Best 1, 3
Fast Start 1, 3, 5, 10


Seoul Race 10: Class 1 (2000M) Handicap / 110 Million

1. HWANGGEUMBIYUL – 4th behind Unbeatable last time was his best in a while.
2. ARGO BRAIN – 6th of 11 behind Chanma last time. More needed here.
3. CHEONGDAM DOKKI – Blew away a class 2 field over 1800M by seventeen lengths last start. That after almost losing a plate in the parade ring and bolting to the gate. This will probably be the last time he carries 52kg for a while. Temperamental but very talented.
4. CINDERELLA MAN – Once one of Busan’s top horses, he’s been blighted by injury since moving to Seoul. Returns after more than year but looked very competent in a trial a week ago.
5. WINNERS GLORY – Hasn’t quite made the step up to the highest level but improvement can’t be ruled out.
6. CHANMA – A win and two 3rds in three tries at this level. In the frame again.
7. WINNING ANDY – Never rule this one out – at least of a place. Defied odds to go close in both his latest two. 3rd, just under three lengths behind Sotong Sidae.
8. SOTONG SIDAE – Just got up by a nose to win last time at class and distance on July 23rd. A closer, he can come close again today.
9. UNBEATABLE – Not quite unbeatable as Sotong Sidae has got the better of him twice recently. Solid competitor though who usually picks up some money.
10. BEAR QUEEN TROPHY – Interesting entry. She’s a sprinter but she’s nicely weighted and has top jockey on board.

Verdict: (3) CHEONGDAM DOKKI looked sensational last time at 1800M and is hard to oppose carrying just 52kg for his first crack at both class 1 and 2000M. (6) CHANMA has quickly become established at this level and is the main danger along with the reliable pair of (8) SOTONG SIDAE and (9) UNBEATABLE. We’ll take a watching brief with (4) CINDERELLA MAN first up but there’s no doubting his talent.


Selections (3) Cheongdam Dokki (6) Chanma (8) Sotong Sidae (9) Unbeatable
Next Best 4, 7
Fast Start 3, 4, 5


Seoul Race 11: Class 2 (1200M) Handicap / 90 Million

1. KENTUCKY YEONIN – Just beaten half a length last time, that was enough to see him up to class 2. Should still be very competitive here.
2. MUSIGNY – 2nd at this distance on first try at class 2 on July 8th, this looks a stiffer test but not impossible.
3. TIZ TAP – 2nd over 1400M on latest outing. He’ll need a bit more here but could sneak a place.
4. SIMSIN JIRYEO – Hasn’t gone great in latest two.
5. ANOTHER SMART ONE – He’s won two out of his last three and beat Meni Music on his way to a narrow victory over 1400M on July 22ns. Big chance.
6. DONGCHONUI GUY – First start since finishing last in the Sports Chosun Cup over 2000M in June. Should be more comfortable today but still up against it.
7. SPECIAL JOY – 3rd, three lengths behind Raon Rouis on July 16th. Has form to overturn today.
8. CHEONJIGA – 4th in both tries at this level so far. Beaten a head by Meni Music last start in June.
9. KWAESOK JILPUNG – Showed signs of a return to form with a 4th of 8 last time behind Musigny. Still lots to find here.
10. MENI MUSIC – Comes in off back to back 3rd place finishes. Beaten by Another Smart One last time. In the placing frame.
11. DOUBLE LUCKY – 2nd at class and distance last time ahead of Tiz Tap and Meni Music. That was back in May though so comes in after 14 weeks off.
12. RAON ROUIS – 2nd, just beaten a neck on first try at class 2 on July 16th and has a chance here.

Verdict: Absolutely anything could win this but (5) ANOTHER SMART ONE is the one who jumps out. He carries more weight than he did when winning in July but also steps back in trip. (1) KENTUCKY YEONIN had the misfortune to run into decent ones at class 3 but shouldn’t have any problems adjusting to this level while (10) MENI MUSIC and (12) RAON ROUIS join as serious contenders for a place.


Selections (5) Another Smart One (1) Kentucky Yeonin (10) Meni Music (12) Raon Rouis
Next Best 8, 2
Fast Start 1, 5, 6, 12

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