Day: January 15, 2016

Weekend Race Times

It’s been a chilly week on the Korean peninsula but the weekend is upon us and therefore plenty of racing to get stuck into over the next three days.


Derby winner Yeongcheon Ace goes on Friday (Pic: Ross Holburt)

2015 Korean Derby winner Yeongcheon Ace, without a win since his triumph in the Classic last May, is in action at Busan on Friday. He will be among the favourites for the feature class 2 handicap.

There are class 1 handicaps at both Seoul and Busan on Sunday with Macheon Bolt, returning from a lengthy spell, among those going in Busan’s.

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Here’s what’s happening when and where:

Friday January 15
Busan Racecourse: 10 races from 11.40 to 18.00
Jeju Racecourse: 9 races from 13.20 to 17.30

Saturday January 16
Seoul Racecourse: 12 races from 10.50 to 18.00
Jeju Racecourse: 9 races from 12.20 to 17.20

Sunday January 1
Seoul Racecourse: 11 races from 10.50 to 18.00
Busan Racecourse: 6 races from 13.00 to 17.00