Weekend Preview: Indie Band Returns in Gujke Sinmun / Owners’ Cup At Seoul

After three cancellations due to the Sewol Ferry disaster, racing returns to the peninsula this weekend. And there is big Stakes action in store as Grand Prix Stakes winner Indie Band finally makes his 2014 debut. Meanwhile at Seoul, the delayed Owners’ Cup will also be run Sunday.

Indie Band plays up after winning the President's Cup. He returns this weekend.

Indie Band plays up after winning the President’s Cup. He returns this weekend.

Indie Band ended 2013 with back-to-back dominant wins at Seoul in the nation’s two richest and most prestigious races; the President’s Cup and the Grand Prix Stakes. On Sunday, he returns to his home track of Busan to face 9 rivals in what looks a very tough Gukje Sinmun Cup.

Aside from Indie Band, Cheonji Bulpae, third in the Grand Prix goes as one of two entrants for Aussie trainer Peter Wolsley, Ghost Whisper being the other. Prolific winner Magic Dancer takes his chance while champion jockey Jo Sung Gon returns from Macau to partner undefeated up-and-comer Strictly Two Step.

Oreuse can never be ruled out while Dynamic Jilju and Sand Hi also know where the winning line is. It should be a great race.

The ferry disaster resulted in the postponement of the Seoul Owners’ Cup two Sundays ago. The race will be run this Sunday instead and 10 of the original 11 entrants will take their chance with only Heukgisa dropping out. Read our original preview here.

Generally big fields abound on a welcome return to racing. Here’s what’s happening when and where:

Friday May 2
Busan Race Park: 10 races from 13:00 to 19:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 13:25 to 17:40

Saturday May 3
Seoul Race Park: 12 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 12:30 to 17:15

Sunday May 4
Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 12:45 to 17:00 including the Gukje Sinmun Cup at 16:10.


  1. Hi..been a long time…
    small field feature race always make me dissapont.
    Cuz,.as a bettor cannot expect juicy impact value…
    Anyway better than no races …
    I..roughly glaced over this race.

    #1:Dynamicjilju: 5yo .m.53kg
    Seems to me this ma’m cannot handle this race’s pace

    No need to mention.

    #3:Yeoreobunuiyeowang:3yo.f .55kg
    Race will unfold too fast for this little girlie.

    Ditto as the#3

    This boy reminds me of Winnersmarine in KRA CUP MILE
    RACE..She got many spotlights…but finished 7(?)
    Boy hsa a good pedigree..but have to face tough older sisters and brothers…
    He got early speed,so might lead the race but wonder how long will he stay? Doesn’t seem to have sustainable stamina yet because still too young…
    Oreuse,Magicdancerand Ghostwhispher will hurridly pass him, so probably will flattened out coming into
    the stretch.


    play a roll as the pacesetter with the#6Magicdancer

    Looks a bit slow..got late speed…??

    After lon layoff regaining his usual form.
    He can handle not only fast pace but off track condition.

    Now that Busan track is bad condition
    I predict the track speed approximately 2.
    most likely is a contentious pace
    #5#6#8#10 will set 48.5-49.2 fractions and battle
    with on another…burninng themselves..then according to their own stretch calling energy rank some will out
    of money…

    My selection:trio with#2Indiband(1st slit)#10Ghostwhisper(2nd slit) over #6Magicdancer#7
    Chunjibulpae #8Oreuse.

    Goog luck!

  2. Sunday:It seems to me 11th race more likely to be feature race.
    Fourteen horses field .class1 7furlong.
    My approach in this race is who has been raced most fastest pace
    in their PPs….?and what was his or her finished position?

    This horse gonna be my trio key.

    Now that blog owner is being absented,I can’t post deep insight analysis.

  3. Well..then two race…
    Busan:Kukje….something race:
    As I already predicted above,
    As soon as gate popped up,
    Oreuse got the lead and Magicdancer,Ghostwhisper followed and pressed
    Oreuse within 1length.
    And Boy-Strictlytwostep dwelt split second in the gate…so his chance to
    close to the leader or pace completely blown away…
    Magicdancer and Ghostwhispher ..and even Dynamicjilju entered the pace
    rallied …
    But Oreuse was too stong , bold and fighting frontrunner
    Every horses who was near this fighter collapsed…
    firstly..Magicdancer secondly Ghostwhisper finally ..at the end of the stretch
    just before the wire around 25m…Dynamicjilju…simultaneously
    deep closer Indiband came in the money…third.
    Pace was slow.

    Excuse for Indiband:Track was too fast for him ..Rated2
    My biggest mistake was i didn’t thoroughly check Dynamicjilju could have handled two turn race….

    And Seoul …a little bit later…

  4. Seoul Owners..somthing race…
    This race i passed..just watched…cuz can’t expect impact value…
    This race unlikely i predicted Ktap got the lead…stupid guys that’s wrong stratedgy….i thought.
    and Joylucky and Reignscat pressed the lead from th start to the top of the stretch (all the way 3-4wide off the rail trip)
    at this point Chunnyondongan could sat roughly 6length behind the leader
    And Gwanggyobisang roughly 4length behind the leader along the rail.
    So Chunnnyondongan could sat comfort zone and striking distance along the gold rail
    In the middle of the stretch Ktap collaped Joylucky passed him…
    Now Joy lucky lead and Gwanggyobisang followed
    But closer Chunnyondongan and Gwanggyobisang swooped ….
    At first it seemed Chunnyondonan hit the wire..it was blanket ,photo
    Result was Joylucky win.

    Fractions:13.3-23.9(1st call)-35.3-47.3(2ndcall)-1:00.0-1:13.0(3rd call)
    Final:1:27.5 ..track rating 6(slow)
    Against this pace top3finishers running line

    2(start200)-2(far turn-3th corner)-2(end of the turn-4th corner)-1(last stertch):1:27.5

    7 7 5 3:1:27.5

    6 5 6 2:1:27.6

    I’m not sure you understand well…my english not so good.
    Mostly broken…haha…but i can read and understand almost all.

  5. i think you did well pre match analysis…..busan track favored the front runners and the rail was the place to go….indie band’s jockey took the wrong option by going wide….if he stayed near the rail the going was faster maybe couldn’t catch the winner but should have run second easily….choi seo dae rode the winner first race by sticking to rails…you hyun myung rode a winner with number 10 by getting on the rail after 400 meters so he would have know the rail was the place to go but somehow opted to go very ride….very poor ride speaking from my pocket

  6. This coming Korean Derby roughly 10 days away…
    I ‘m much concerned about Raonmoris..
    I’ve got simply not only upon my hunch but also comparing the PPs , this frontrunning boy now under improving and developing much more than Queensblade.
    If Derby day track would be a little bit lighter than he’s
    raced in KRA CUP MILE,he might come surely in the money.
    I’ll demonstrate it later.

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