Cheongnyong Bisang Dominates KRA Cup Mile

Cheongnyong Bisang showed that he was no Juvenile wonder as he landed a dominating win in the KRA Cup Mile – the Korean 2000 Guineas – at Busan this afternoon.

Cheongnyong Bisang wins the KRA Cup Mile (KRA)

Cheongnyong Bisang wins the KRA Cup Mile (KRA)

Despite having won the Breeders’ Cup and being crowned champion 2-year-old of 2013, Cheongnyong Bisang was sent off at odds of 20/1 for the first leg of the 2014 Korean Triple Crown. He duly made a mockery of those odds, stalking the leaders early on before unleashing a sprint that none could respond to.

But for a short stint at the front, pre-race favourite Queen’s Blade showed little, ultimately fading and finishing in 5th and as her fellow pacesetters also fell away it was left to outsiders Gilbert and Namdo Trio to close strongly and push the winner to the line.

Two horses threw away their chances at the start. First, Pureun Geotap reared in the gate and had to be scratched. Once they finally did get underway Busan’s champion juvenile of last year Jungang Gongju missed the break and only managed to catch one horse by the end, continuing her recent run of poor form.

Also disappointing was previously unbeaten filly Winner’s Marine who finished 9th after being sent off as the 2nd favourite.

Aside from the three placers, Raon Morris put on a good show, leading for most of the way before being overcome at the end. He could be one to watch going forward.

Cheongnyong Bisang is the first Seoul winner of the KRA Cup Mile since Money Car in 2010 and he did it in style. He’ll be the favourite as we head back to the capital for the Korean Derby on May 18.

KRA Cup Mile (KOR G2) – Busan Race Park – 1600M – April 6, 2014

1. Cheongnyong Bisang (KOR) [Volponi – Miss Alwuhush (Alwuhush)] – Seo Seung Un – 21.5, 4.1
2. Gilbert (KOR) [Yankee Victor – Wonderful Wanda (Fusaichi Pegasus)] – Kim Dong Young – 14.9
3. Namdo Trio (KOR) [Didyme – Tapas (Sky Classic)] – Kanichiro Fujii – 4.3
Distances: 2 lengths/0.5 lengths – 14 ran
Also Ran: 4. Raon Morris 5. Queen’s Blade 6. Yeonggwanguichampion 7. Nubi Queen 8. Cupid Girl 9. Winner’s Marine 10. Gangchi 11. Royal Impact 12. Power Champion 13. Jungang Gongju 14. Classic Cat NR. Pureun Geotap NR. Hwanggeumbitjijunghye


  1. My approach to race analysis is mainly focused on measuring and comparing(match-up) the pace,speed and running position…so this kinda method is one of the mainstreams so called american style handicapping during more than 20years…
    So many punters(horseplayers)don’t care about and not get to accustomed to the figures which every horses got might be a bit different world…even sound like B.S!
    That’s the “status quo”in present korean horseplaying
    major circuits.

    Whenever there were some sort of special stakes races,
    in most races some horses who prefer to lead cannot avoid the hot pace battle to acquire the race initiative among themselves.the more earlies the more worse
    This reminds me of famous “John Nash’game theory
    Nash Equilibrium”
    Every frontrunners optimum stratedgy is lead the race
    But if there are 4or 5frontrunners in some race card
    What will happen?
    In this situation frontrunner fall in a horn of dilemma.
    So they always but to fight each other.During their fighting they are seriously eclipsing ,eroding their own pace ability and speed…so in so many winners come
    from off the pace and behind. That’s the story goes.
    Yesterdays, today,tomorrows…

  2. Reviewing the utube i suddenly realized that Raonmoris really has been much improved and improving much more than his breeders cup race.
    Cause he’s been fighting from the start to the wire in the eyes to eyes…
    And finished 4TH place…really impressive.
    He’s gonna be a real gladiator-fighter..genuine strong frontrunner.
    We need to prepare his winning.

  3. Here’s tri-crowns result;
    #:horse’s post position and finished position-running position-horse’s pace line-final time

    #3:2(200m)5(400m)*5(800m:2nd call)6(1000m)6(1200m)2(1400m)
    #11:11 8 9 7 5 4 5:14.1-40.1-14.2:1:42.1
    #12: 12 12 10 8 7 6:14.6-39.9-14.2:1:42.2
    #8:3 1 1 1 1 4:13.9-40.5-14.4:1:42.2
    #10:5 4 3 4 3 1:14.0-40.5-14.6:1:42.2

    2nd call time:48.8( faster than pars49.1relatively slower track)
    Track speed 5(this figures means slow;in seoul it is relevant to almost track 8=heavy)

    #3: jockey looked really smart;
    At first,he chose to be in pace,but .. for split second he thought himself and judged;
    If he insist to stay in the pace , his horse would eventually burn himself out.
    So he chose to off the pace,just sat behind the pace along the rail.

    This is a result of jockey’startedgy.
    Congrts Seoseungun:you can deserve the ‘re the real winner

  4. How to read and interpret the running lines from the paper forms?
    #3:2 5 5 6 6 2:39.6(3f) 14.0(stretch)
    At the start horse dived into the pace:2
    and a while after horse(jockey) stepped back from the pace and sat behind the pace:5 5 6 6
    and finally tried to move up close:2

    #11:8 9 7 4 5:40.1-14.2
    This kind of running lines easy to understand;
    and for jockey’s sake. need just keep moving up close.
    Very honesty running lines and no need stratedgy
    #12:12 12 10 8 7 6:39.9-14.2
    Same goes as above
    but compare with #11 he got room for better finishing position because his 3f a bit faster than 11
    #12:39.6… means 3lengths
    Imagine , this world consists of photo finish…
    whether winner or runner-up
    or come in the money or out of money
    Depend on just split second,couple of centimeter….and also depend on you how you
    look at and how you interpret the figures…

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