Weekend Preview

Ghost Whisper probably dislikes the Korean summer even more than I do.

He's Back: Ghost Whisper (KRA)

He’s Back: Ghost Whisper (KRA)

Two years in a row he’s competed in the Busan Mayor’s Cup in July and two years in a row, he’s needed 7 months off after it.

He will not be among those disappointed that winter seems to have returned to the peninsula after a mild two weeks as he makes his 2014 debut on Sunday.

Now 6-years-old, the grey gelding, owned by Pegasus Stables and trained by Peter Wolsley, will carry top weight in Busan’s feature race of the weekend; a class 1 handicap over 7-furlongs on Sunday afternoon.

Ghost Whisper (Gotham City) be giving a minimum of 4.5kg to every other horse in a field that also includes last year’s KRA Cup Mile winner Sting Ray – a horse whose form has been so indifferent since that triumph, that he now joins Ghost Whisper as a gelding – and 2008 Korean Derby winner Ebony Storm, still going strong as a 9-year-old.

Megaton and Myeongun Jewang, who have tangled over this distance recently, are among those more likely to come out on top than theClassic winners though.

At Seoul, it’s a low-key weekend although there is one class 1 race on Sunday. Here’s what’s happening when and where:

Friday March 7
Busan Race Park: 11 races from 11:40 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 13:20 to 17:20

Saturday March 8
Seoul Race Park: 12 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 12:30 to 17:30

Sunday March 9
Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 12:45 to 17:00


  1. Wow..you were so closed…
    But why did you forget and did’nt comment about “BlackDia”?
    Megaton ,BlackDia and Myeongunjewang were tandem competitors
    in their last outing…
    Looking at their past performaces;
    Megaton :14.2(1F.200M)-39.3(Last3F)-13.8(stretch call-last200M)3rd
    Blackdia :15.0. -37.9. -13.2. 2nd
    Myeongunjewang:14.6. -38.5. 13.4. 1st

    See Blackdia’s powerful late speed.

    But couldn’t understand Myeongunjewang’s dismal result…
    Most likely explanation gonna be …well let’s say it’s some sort of excuse…

    This race i keyed#5 Blackdia over couple of horses…
    even played#10 Homchanjilju…but…no..Stingray…

    1. Stingray-Blackdia-Himchanjilju trio payoffs was above1000…
      I must have been insane..
      How could i possibly forget Stingray….
      Saturday i hit almost 1000times
      But sunday i screwed up all day long.
      Again most likely excuse, this is some sort of BOUNCE
      Oh no,it’s rather like was a curse….

      1. Was very surprised Sting Ray only paid 7/1 to win. At his best, he was the fastest horse in the race but he’s not been at this best for a year. Oh well, nice to have him back, I guess…

        As for Black Dia, I expected Myeongunjewang and especially Megaton to get better…I was wrong!

        I liked Himchan Jilju as a 3yo, good to see him back in the money.

  2. Well..you might have been right if track was faster than they were raced against each other…
    Simply happened to be track was too heavy for Megaton…
    Bad luck for mega, but another given race day when he meet more lightr
    track ..surely he will come in the money.
    You were right in some sense, but you were simply fail to predict the track speed factor.

  3. stingray is sprinter-miler…it will tough to beat him upto a mile…further than that is a query for my handicapping

    1. Well..i got a bit different view on this horse,his late speed
      not so impressive(3f:39.1stretch 13.6)if he faces more slower track he might be a vulnerable condender ,even
      false one…if he is to be fully competitive in his class
      he should’ve shown at least 3f:below 39.0 and stretch

    1. yep….good idea…it was one of the horses i was following and after being gelded i was expecting a good show but missed the last week’s race…can’t go kra regularly….i think gelding will improve him couple of lengths

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