Day: August 16, 2011

Record Breaking Jockey Hitomi Miyashita Retires From Racing

Hitomi Holds All-Time Japanese Win Record for Female Jockeys / Won 2009 Invitational at Busan

Hitomi Miyashita, the Japanese jockey who won the 2009 Lady Jockey Invitational, went on to spend a successful eighteen months riding at Busan Racecourse before returning to Japan this April. In her homeland, Hitomi holds the record for number of wins by a female jockey.

Hitomi Miyahshita (centre) after winning the 2009 Lady Jockey Invitational at Busan

Although the news broke last week, thirty-four year old Hitomi held a press conference at Nagoya Racecourse on Tuesday August 16 to officially make the announcement. According to the Kyodo News Agency, Hitomi cited her win on Ima Firecracker in the 2009 Lady Jockey Invitational at Busan – the race that led to her coming to Korea full-time – as being the highlight of her career.

In her time in Korea, from 660 rides, Hitomi ride 55 winners and 66 seconds for a win strike rate of 8.3% and a quinella rate of 18.3% and a place rate of 29.5% and was very popular among racing fans on the peninsula. She made one appearance at Seoul Race Park in the Grand Prix Stakes in 2009.

Here is her win on Ima Firecracker in the International Lady Jockey Invitational in 2009:

The second half of her time in Busan was more difficult than the first (as we covered here), however, Hitomi’s achievements opened the way for her Japanese successor at Busan. Akane Yamamoto, another Nagoya alumni, joined in July and is settling in well, riding her second double this past Sunday. Akane has now ridden five winners already but still has some way to go if she is to emulate Hitomi.

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