Choi Leads Korea To Challenge Victory

Syu Ishibashi Lands YTN on Tanmahwanhui while Muzi Yeni Also a Winner

Choi Bum Hyun ended up victorious, but there was plenty to cheer too for Japan’s Syu Ishibashi and South Africa’s Muzi Yeni as the 2010 International Jockey Invitational drew to a close in front of 50,000 people under the floodlights at Seoul Race Park this evening.

Choi Bum Hyun returns to scale on Jisang Mujeok after taking a winning lead in the Jockey's Invitational

In only the second week of his comeback from injury, Choi landed race 7 – the third leg of the Invitational – with a four-length win on Jisang Mujeok, to effectively wrap things up in favour of the home team. However, there was still the main event to come, the tenth running of the YTN Cup. Always a big event, due to its sponsorship by Korea’s 24 hour news channel – who broadcast the race and subsequent ceremony live (the only horse race you’ll see on Korean TV all year) – the all filly and mare race was where the visitors finally came into their own.

The winner was something of a surprise though. Tamnahwanhui was sent off at 20/1 but, under Syu Ishibashi boucned out of the gate and into a lead that she would never relinquish. Those who came closest to catching her were Baengnakgo, under Akin Sozen and Sky Center – Scott Seamer adding a third place finish to his second yesterday.

Syu Ishibashi and Tamnahwanhui pose

Four-year old Tamnahwanhui was recording her third straight win and fifth in total from twelve starts.

After the contest was over, Muzi Yeni and Oliver Castillo got back out on regular rides in race 10 and it ended in glory for the young South African. Yeni guided the 12/1 shot Bogideongguljae to a commanding five-length win. Always showing towards the front of the thirteen strong field, Bogideongguljae hit the front in mid-stretch and never looked like being caught.

Winner - Muzi Yeni

Overall, the Korean team won the contest by 112 points to 78. However, Ishibashi, Yeni, Seamer and Sozen will all go away with plenty of earned prize money. As in previous years, it was an enjoyable event to watch and punters took warmly to the visitors – espeically the tiny Yeni who built up quite a following trackside in his five rides.

YTN Cup – Seoul Race Park – 1900M – August 22, 2010

1. Tamnahwanhui (KOR) [Al Naba – Bulbijihye (Pro For Sure)] – Syu Ishibashi – 21.1, 5.3
2. Baengnakgo (KOR) [Fiercely – Sobaeksu (Mr. Adorable)] – Akin Sozen – 2.7
3. Sky Center (USA) [Anziyan – Busy Chick (Numerous)] – Scott Seamer – 2.7
Distances: 0.75 lengths/0.75 lengths

Also Ran: 4. Gwangsokcheoreom (Oh Kyoung Hoan) 5. Hwansanguimulgyeol (Cho Kyoung Ho – KOR) 6. Fly Top (Oliver Castillo – USA) 7. Devilish Speed (Yoo Sang Wan – KOR) 8. Fortunata (Nisall McCullogh – IRE) 9. Chongalcheoreom (Moon Se Young – KOR) 10. Gangha Speed (Park Tae Jong – KOR) 11. Raon Chamber (Muzi Yeni – SA) 12. D Day (Choi Bum Hyun – KOR) 13. Yeopungjudo (Jung Ki Yong – KOR) 14. Gwacheon Geojang (Lee Sang Hyeok)

YTN brought their cameras to their race


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