Something’s Got To Give As Dongbanui Gangja Faces Tough Win

This really is the big one. Double Grand Prix winner Dongbanui Gangja, unbeaten in two years, puts everything on the line against the young challenger Tough Win, yet to be tested in seven starts. Alongside them, the supporting cast contains a number of horses rightly considered stars in their own right.

The Busan Mayor’s Cup is at Busan Race Park under the lights this coming Sunday evening and it is unquestionably, the biggest race in recent Korean history. We’ll have plenty more on it before Sunday. For now, here is the line-up in full (Name/Record/Jockey):

Busan Mayor’s Cup (G.III) – Busan Race Park – 2000M – July 18, 19:10

1. Purely Spontaneus (USA) (19/8/1/1) – Yang Young Nam
2. Captain Sir (USA) (10/5/3/0) – Chae Gyu Jun
3. Vicar Love (USA) (23/10/1/4) – Jung Ki Yong
4. Dongbanui Gangja (USA) (24/17/4/2) – Moon Se Young
5. Geumbittuhon (USA) (37/3/5/3) – Jung Pyeong Soo
6. Tiffanyuikkum (AUS) (25/5/1/2) – Shin Dae Jun
7. Kahnui Jeonseol (NZ) (21/2/5/4) – Choi Won Joon
8. Yeonseung Daero (KOR) (22/10/3/3) – Park Geum Man
9. Larrycat (USA) (10/4/3/2) – Bang Choon Sik
10. Seonnyang Yongsa (AUS) (23/9/5/4) – Jo Sung Gon
11. Yeongung Manse (KOR) (23/10/4/3) – Hitomi Miyashita
12. Tough Win (USA) (7/7/0/0) – Cho Kyoung Ho
13. Crafty Louis (USA) (39/15/5/3) – Jo Chang Wook
14. Cheonjidolpung (USA) (22/5/0/3) – Boo Min Ho


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