Kim Tae Hee Set To Star in New Racing Movie

A new movie with horse-racing as its backdrop is about to go into production. “Grand Prix” will star Kim Tae Hee and Lee Jun Ki with both playing the roles of jockeys.

One of Korea’s most popular (for various reasons) actresses, Kim Tae Hee is most famous for leading roles in TV dramas including most recently last year’s “IRIS” and can also be seen in Cyon (LG) mobile phone adverts (see below). Lee is best known for his lead role in the 2005 movie “The King and the Clown”.

Kim Tae Hee and Lee Jun Ki at Seoul Race Park last week

Lee’s character will be a jockey who is successful in Japan returning to Korea to ride where he meets and competes against – and more than likely falls in love with – a female jockey. The announcement of the movie came just days after news of jockey Park Jin Hee’s suicide in Busan and allegations of mis-treatment of jockeys by trainers. All of this was picked up on by the mainstream Korean media and as such, a great deal of attention is likely to be given to Kim’s portrayal of the role.

Grand Prix is to be part-funded by the Korea Racing Authority and is a follow-up to the acclaimed 2006 film “Gak-sol-tang” (“Lump Sugar”), a good-natured tear-jerker which also had a female jockey as its lead character (played by Im, Su Jeong). That movie was notable for its impressive racing scenes – some of which are in the clip below – and was credited for creating many first-time racegoers:

Filming of Grand Prix, which is named after Korea’s most prestigious race, begins in April and is expected to last for approximately two months with a tentative release date of September or October. Both lead actors have reportedly been learning how to ride.

Probably the best mobile phone advert ever:



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