Grand Prix Votes Revealed

At the beginning of November, just as it does every year, the KRA conducted an online poll of Korean racing fans, asking them which horses they would like to see run in the season ending Grand Prix race at Seoul on December 13.

Voting results were made public this week and 2008 winner Dongbanui Gangja heads the list of those horses the racing “Netizens” would most like to see take part in the season-ending Grand Prix race at Seoul Race Park on December 13.

The top eight vote-getters from Seoul and top 6 from Busan – whose horses are taking part in the Grand Prix for the first time ever – have received automatic invitations to the race. However, it is far from certain that all will take them up.

We’ll go over the final list next Monday but for now, here is the full list of the fourteen horses voted in:


1. Dongbanui Gangja (USA)
2. Nice Choice (KOR)
3. Bulpaegisang (USA)
4. Bally Brae (USA)
5. Khaki Halls (AUS)
6. Yaho TS (USA)
7. Hwangnyongsaji (KOR)
8. Khanui Jeonsol (NZ)


1. Areumdaun Jilju (KOR)
2. Sangseung Ilro (KOR)
3. Gaeseon Janggun (KOR)
4. Yeonseung Daero (KOR)
5. Haengbok Dream (JPN)
6. Crafty Louis (USA)

Of the Busan contingent, Areumdaun Jilju and Yeonseung Daero both entered in the Busan Owners’ Cup Sprint on December 6, connections seemingly have a big decision to make. Meanwhile, there remain question marks over the delicate legs of Sangseung Ilro, winner of the first two legs of the Triple Crown and the only filly voted in.

As for the Seoul horses, Hwangnyongsaji is in action this weekend in an all domestic race. It’s unlilely we’ll see him line-up for the Grand Prix. Meanwhile, 2006 Horse of The Year and 2007 Grand Prix winner Bally Brae still remains popular with punters, polling fourth. However, after two disappointing recent runs, his trainer has indicated a long spell of rest and recuperation is on the cards for the much-loved gelding.

Apart from winning the 2007 edition, Bally Brae was second in both 2006 and 2008. Here is his commanding victory over long-time rival Subsidy from two years ago:

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