Leading Sire Race Neck And Neck

With the Classics out of the way it seems a good time to check on the leading sires race. And with Sangseung Ilro taking two legs of the Triple Crown and finishing third in the final one, Concept Win’s offspring are locked in a tight battle with those of Didyme to reclaim the title he last won in 2006.

Concept Win [Manila – Conveniently (In Reality)] has been in Korea since 1997 and was leading sire in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Didyme has ruled since then, with sheer numbers of winners rather than big race stars, giving him a slight advantage as we head into the tail end of the season. With just over two months to go, Didyme leads by just 40 Million won ($35,000) with Revere a further 100 Million Won behind.

What remains remarkable about Didyme, however, is his win rate – with 63 wins from 438 starts he has a win percentage of nearly 15% compared to 8% for Concept Win (43 wins from 500 starts). While Sangseung Ilro has accounted for over 600 Million Won of Concept Win’s earnings, Didyme’s top earner, Areumdaun Jilju, has made just 150 Million won. With the talent spread around, it looks as though it’s going to be three years running for Didyme.

Leading Sires in Korea 2009 (As of October 19)
Name/Pedigree/Earnings (Korean Won)/Chief Earner/Win Rate

1. Didyme (USA) [Dixieland Band – Soundings (Mr. Prospector)] – 2,379,790,000 – Areumdaun Jilju – 14.4%
2. Concept Win (USA) [Manila – Conveniently (In Reality)] – 2,331,894,000 – Sangseung Ilro – 8.6%
3. Revere (IRE) [Dancing Brave – Bint Pasha (Affirmed)] – 2,243, 940,000 – Pangpang – 8.4%
4. Ft. Stockton (USA) [Cure The Blues – Tai The Devil (Tai)] – 1,897,778,000 – Namdo Jeap – 9.5%
5. Social Charter (USA) [Nureyev – Aunt Pearl (Seattle Slew)] – 1,739,596,000 – Natural Guy – 8.1%

Volponi has been the best performer so far out of eleven first crop sires (albeit with just two wins) and is sixth overall in the list of sires of two year olds.

Full details can be found at the Korean Studbook.


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