Day: September 29, 2009

Eleven Entered For Minister’s Cup

Tough task for Sangseung Ilro to complete Triple Crown
There’s no racing in Korea this coming weekend as the nation shuts down for the “Chuseok” (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday which falls on Saturday. The following week, however, it’s the big one. Sangseung Ilro will attempt to emulate J.S. Hold two years ago and complete the Triple Crown when she travels up from Busan to Seoul to run for the Minister’s Cup.

Entires were published today and at this stage there are eleven horses set to go. There are seven colts and four fillies while a remarkable eight of the entrants are from Busan, Here’s the provisional line up with their race records (Runs/Wins/2nd/3rd). All are Korean bred:

1. Nice Choice [Lost Mountain – Betty’s Rhapsody (Don’t Hesitate)] Colt, Seoul (10/7/2/0)
2. Love Cat [Creek Cat – Love Cue (Curia Regis)] Filly, Seoul (11/6/1/2)
3. Khanui Jeguk [Sunday Well – Lucky Dip (Didyme)] Colt, Seoul (11/5/2/1)
4. Sangseung Ilro [Concept Win – Ms. Whiskey (Whiskey Wisdom)] Filly, Busan (8/5/2/1)
5. Namdo Jeap [Ft. Stockton – Wandering Katie (Tejano)] Colt, Busan (12/4/3/3)
6. Pangpang [Revere – Awishnotalark (Rio’s Lark)] Filly, Busan (17/4/1/1)
7. Isidae Gangja [Lost Mountain – Angel (Land Rush)] Filly, Busan (11/3/3/2)
8. Yeonseung Daero [Creek Cat – Sensationalkris (Cryptoclearance)] Colt, Busan (14/8/1/2)
9. Tamna Hero [Creek Cat – The Big C (Deputed Testamony)] Filly, Busan (10/4/3/0)
10. Conqueror [Revere – Model Actress (Stage Colony)] Colt, Busan (13/4/3/0)
11. Sky Star [Tahamkke – Blue Lark (Ravenwood)] Colt, Busan (15/5/3/1)

Over the next few days, we’ll look at the race in a little bit more detail before final declarations are made next Thursday.