Day: November 4, 2008

Moon Passes 100 Wins

Moon Se Young has gone past the 100 winner mark for the season and remains a long way clear at the Jockey’s Championship for 2008 as he bears down on Park Tae Jong’s previous calender year best of 120:

1. Moon Se Young 106
2. Cho Kyoung Ho 80
3. Park Tae Jong 78
4. Choi Beom Hyun 55
5. Ikuyasu Kurakane 42

Park Byoung Yun was the latest of the newly qualified apprentice jockeys to pick up his first winner on Saturday. Of the seven newcomers this year, Lee Sang Hyuk, Park Si Cheon and Kim Cheol Ho have all landed four winners with only Kim Dong Min and Yoo Mi Na, now recovered from injury, yet to score.

1. Lee Sang Hyuk 4/5/2
2. Park Si Cheon 4/3/10
3. Kim Cheol Ho 4/1/2
4. Park Byoung Yun 1/1/9
5. Jo In Kwon 1/1/1
6. Kim Dong Min 0/0/2
7. Yoo Mi Na 0/0/0