KRA Cup Mile field

Fourteen runners will line up for the KRA Cup Mile at Busan Race Park which will be under orders at 3:45pm on Sunday. It’s an open race with a number of horses likely to be well-fancied; Taeyangcheoreom, Daejanggun, Hammer Punch, Jeolho Chance and Rainmaker all getting strong support in the weekend form books. Here is the complete list of runners and riders:

Horse Name – Runs (1/2/3/4/5) – Jockey

1. Gaya Gongju 7(3/2/1/0/0) Kim Eo Su (VIDEO)

2. Samsinnyeonsarang 6(3/2/0/0/1) Danny Craven (Seoul)

3. Taeyangcheoreom 8(4/0/1/0/1) Nozomu Tomizawa (Seoul)

4. Sammuae 8(1/1/0/2/0) Han Sang Gyu (Seoul)

5. Raon King 4(2/0/1/0/0) Cho Chang Wook

6. Rainmaker 5(2/3/0/0/0) An Sun Ho

7. Bulpae Yeoksa 8(2/0/4/0/0) Soo Khoon Beng

8. Namdo Jijon 6(1/4/0/1/0) Chae Kyu Jun

9. Hammer Punch 6(3/1/0/0/1) Ikuyasu Kurakane (Seoul)

10. Super Goliath 6(2/3/0/1/0) Gu Young Jun

11. Gaeseon Janggun 5(2/0/1/1/1) Cho Sung Gon

12. Jeolho Chance 7(4/1/0/1/0) Cho Chan Hun

13. Gilsan 5(1/3/0/0/0) Lim, Sung Sil

14. Daejanggun 8(4/0/2/1/0) Woo Chang Gu (Seoul)

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