Korean racing on video

Youtube has broken down all sorts of barriers, not to mention copyright laws, and thanks to a Korean posting under the name of Fallight, videos of Korean horseracing are available to an English speaking audience for the first time. Here are some of his best ones from 2007:

J.S. Hold took the Triple Crown this year. Here winning the Korean Derby the second leg of the Crown in a canter back in May and then going on to complete the full set in the Minister of Agriculture Cup in October, leaving it very late to overhaul Ganghomyeongjang in the final metres.

Back in March, Subsidy and Bally Brae did battle over ten furlongs – by the final turn the rest of the field was nowhere to be seen.

Finish of the year perhaps came from Baekgwang all the way back in February, the grey coming from the back of the field to the front in an explosive final 2 furlongs.

The season concluded with Subsidy and Bally Brae doing battle again n the Group 1 Grand Prix race. No J.S. Hold or Baekgwang, but a fine race nonetheless.

So Cheers Fallight, keep up the good work in 2008!

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