Karis Teetan

Singapore’s Soo Khoon Beng Wins 2012 Seoul International Jockey Challenge

Korea’s Moon Se Young Second and Turkey’s Ozcan Yildirim Third As KB Soo Wins the YTN Cup on Sangnyu

“I love Korea” yelled Soo Khoon Beng as he was led into the winner’s circle after winning the YTN Cup Stakes at a rain-soaked Seoul Race Park this evening. And well the Singaporean might as the win on US bred filly Sangnyu was enough to secure himself an emphatic victory in the 2012 Seoul International Jockey Challenge.

Sangnyu and Soo Khoon Beng in the YTN Cup Winner’s Circle

Soo, who had a brief spell at Busan in 2008, was the joint-overnight leader in the Challenge along with Turkey’s Ozcam Yildirim. However, after a disappointing day yesterday, it was the Korean team who dominated the day’s opening event, Moon Se Young leading home a 1,2,3 for the home team on 13/1 chance Blue Band Zet.

While Korea’s Jo In Kwen was riding the favourite for the finale, the YTN Cup Stakes, Soo was not to be denied and, in atrocious conditions, guided 6/1 shot Sangnyu to a surprisingly dominant seven length victory. South Africa’s Karis Teetan finished second on Golden Socks while Moon secured second place in the challenge by riding Blueband Mama into third.

YTN Cup Stakes (International Jockey Challenge Race 4) – Seoul Race Park – 1900M – August 12, 2012

1. Sangnyu (USA) [Broken Vow-Midtown Miss (Yes It’s True)] – Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) – 5.6, 2.2
2. Golden Socks (USA) [Dehere-Final Flag (Northern Flagship)] – Karis Teetan (South Africa) – 4.2
3. Blueband Mama (USA) [Purge-Meadowbryte (Meadowlake)] – Moon Se Young (Korea – 2.5

Distances: 6 lengths/7 lengths
Also Ran: 4. Raonjena – Kim Hae Sun (Korea) 5. Chowonuibyeol – Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) 6. Choichoro – Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea) 7. Yongsan Hwangnyong – Hayato Yoshida (Japan) 8. Menifee Magic 9. Dangdae Jeonseung – Jo In Kwen (Korea) 10. Fortunata – Park Tae Jong (Korea) 11. Dashing Platinum 12. A Wanted Affair – Ham Wan Sik (Korea) 13. Haengun Party – Ben Curtis (Ireland) DQ. New Terracan – M. D’Silva (Brazil)

International Jockey Challenge Race 3 – Seoul Race Park – 1400M – August 12, 2012

1. Blueband Zet (KOR) [Didyme] – Moon Se Young (Korea) – 13.9, 2.5
2. Reverse Captain (KOR) [Exploit] – Ham Wan Sik (Korea) – 1.3
3. Time Zone (KOR) [War Zone] – Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea) – 4.1

Distances: 0.5 lengths/2.5 lengths
Also Ran: 4. See The Star – Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) 5. Seohaeachim – Park Tae Jong (Korea) 6. Mallu Homerun – M.D’Silva (Brazil) 7. Paxko – Hayato Yoshida (Japan) 8. Beongaedori – Kim Hae Sun (Korea) 9. Munhaguiyeowang – Jo In Kwen (Korea) 10. Uranus – Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) 11. Nauichukbok – Karis Teetan (South Africa) 12. Jeongsangnarae – Ben Curtis (Ireland)

1. Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) – 42
2. Moon Se Young (Korea) – 28
3. Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) – 28
4. Jo In Kwen (Korea) 22
5. Karis Teetan (South Africa) – 20
6. Ham Wan Sik (Korea) – 13
7. Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea) – 11
8. Ben Curtis (Ireland) – 9
9. Manoel Nunes D’Silva (Brazil) – 9
10. Hayato Yoshida (Japan) – 8
11. Park Tae Jong (Korea) – 8
12. Kim Hae Sun (Korea) – 7

(where points were tied, higher placed finishes and then prize money were used to decide final order)

Final Team Score: Rest Of The World 114 – 89 Korea

YTN Cup winner Sangnyu (Broken Vow) is a three-year old filly and was recording her third career win from ten starts.

Ozcam! Turkey’s Ozcan Yildirim secured third place in the Challenge

It almost always rains on YTN Cup weekend, however, in place of the usual showers, this year we got an absolute deluge. While the rain wasn’t too hard during the penultimate stage of the challenge, by the time the YTN Cup got underway, the rain had been torrential for over an hour.

Fifth place in the YTN Cup on Chowonuibyeol was enough to secure the third-place prize for Turkey’s Ozcan Yildirim, while South Africa’s Karis Teetan’s strong finish ensured that he finished in the top half.

It was a tough day for Irishman Ben Curtis and Japanese Hayato Yoshida, neither of whom could add any bonus points today, while Brazil’s Manoel D’Dilva also had a better day yesterday.

As ever, the event was entertaining and it is always good to see visiting jockeys riding and winning at Seoul. Hopefully all six visitors will go on to have successful seasons and, with 2007 Challenge winner Gerrit Schlechter having spent the past four months riding at Busan, we may even see some of them again.

Ireland’s Ben Curtis

South Africa’s Karis Teetan won’t look at the camera!

Macau-based Brazilian Manoel Nunes D’Silva

Japan’s Hayato Yoshida

KB Soo, Ozcan Yildirim Give International Team Big Lead On Day 1 Of Jockey Challenge

The Rest Of The World team hold a big lead over their Korean hosts at the end of the first day of the 2012 Seoul International Jockey Challenge.

Soo Khoon Beng got things rolling for the visitors under the floodlights at Seoul Race Park, coming down the outside on 25/1 outsider Ganghanyeosin to claim a narrow victory over Daejangjeong, ridden by Jo In Kwen, with New Mighty and Ireland’s Ben Curtis a further two lengths back in third.

International Jockey Challenge Race 1 – Seoul Race Park – 1400M – August 11, 2012

1. Ganghanyeosin (KOR) [War Zone] – Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) – 25.0, 3.4
2. Daejangjeon (KOR) [Menifee] – Jo In Kwen (Korea) – 1.4
3. New Mighty (KOR) [Exploit] – Ben Curtis (Ireland) – 3.9

Distances: 0.5 lengths/2.5 lengths
Also Ran: 4. Seungcheon Jisu – M. D’Silva (Brazil) 5. Molly Way – Karis Teetan (South Africa) 6. Winette Dancer – Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea) 7. Golden Impact – Moon Se Young (Korea) 8. Prete Ingran – Hayato Yoshida (Japan) 9. Eunbitjeonsa – Park Tae Jong (Korea) 10. Huimangbuksori – Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) 11. Perfect Tiger – Kim Hae Sun (Korea)

The second race of the challenge was a tight affair but in the end it was Turkey’s Ozcan Yildirim on 6/1 shot Victory, who stretched away from the pack in the final furlong. Jo was second once again on
Haneoldo while South African Karis Teetan guided Major Girl, the longest shot on the board, to third place.

International Jockey Challenge Race 2 – Seoul Race Park – 1800M – August 11, 2012

1. Victory (KOR) [Osumi Jet] – Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) – 6.7, 2.1
2. Haneoldo (KOR) [Distilled] – Jo In Kwen (Korea) – 5.2
3. Major Girl (KOR) [Duality] – Karis Teetan (South Africa) – 16.4

Distances: 2 lengths/Neck
Also Ran: 4. Bon RIsing – Hayato Yoshida (Japan) 5. Beauty Icheon – Park Tae Jong (Korea) 6. Victory Camp – M. D’Silva (Brazil) 7. High Well – Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) 8. King Field – Ben Curtis (Ireland) 9. New And Best – Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea) 10. Ft. Green – Moon Se Young (Korea) 11. Nicole Windsor – Ham Wan Sik (Korea) 12. Sharp Concept – Kim Hae Sun (Korea)

That leaves the standings after Day 1 as follows:

1= KB Soo (Singapore) – 21
1= Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) – 21
3. Jo In Kwen (Korea) – 20
4. Karis Teetan (South Africa) – 9
5. Ben Curtis (Ireland) – 7
6. Manoel Nunes D’Silva (Brazil) – 6
7. Hayato Yoshida (Japan) – 5
8. Park Tae Jong (Korea) – 4
9. Cho Kyoung Ho (Korea – 3
10= Moon Se Young (Korea) – 2
10= Kim Hae Sun (Korea) – 2
10= Ham Wan Sik (Korea) – 2

The overall team scores are:

Korea: 33
Rest Of The World: 69

There will be two more races Sunday to complete the challenge. They are race 6, a 1400 metre handicap at 16:50 and then the finale, the YTN Cup, which is race 9 at 19:35.

Sunday August 12

Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 14:20 to 21:15
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 16:35 to 20.50

Seoul International Jockey Challenge 2012 Preview

The Seoul International Jockey Challenge 2012 is the highlight of the weekend’s action on the peninsula as six visiting riders take on six of the capital’s best in the annual four-race challenge.

Clockwise from top right: Ben Curtis, Karis Teetan, Ozcan Yildirim, Hayato Yoshida, Soo Khoon Beng, Manoel Nunes DaSilva

The jockeys will compete against each other in four races, two on Saturday and two on Sunday, culminating in the YTN Cup Stakes. In addition to the team prize, the leading jockey overall will take home an additional $20,000 prize.

Neither the United States nor Australia have sent riders this year so instead, the visitors hail from countries that the Korea Racing Authority has been forging close links with in recent years. Ireland and South Africa send young up and comers, while Macau, Turkey, Singapore and Japan’s entrants are all more experienced.

The Korean team is about as strong as it could possibly be with champion jockey Moon Se Young captaining. Kim Hae Sun becomes the first female rider to represent Korea in the challenge. Here is a full run down on the entrants. The draw for mounts was conducted on Thursday and appears to have thrown up a reasonably fair spread of chances:


Ben Curtis (Ireland) – 1840 rides / 122 wins – Former champion Irish apprentice, the 23-year-old is an American citizen and has also ridden in the USA, and UK.

Manoel Nunes D’Silva (Brazil) – 7831/1269 – Representing Macau in the challenge, the Brazilian learned his trade in Sao Paolo but has been riding in Asia for almost a decade. He’s won numerous Stakes races in Macau and has also ridden in Hong Kong and Dubai.

Soo Khoon Beng (Singapore) – 4139/519 – The 2005 Singapore Champion jockey spent a short but uneventful time riding at Busan in 2008. He’s won a number of Stakes races in his homeland.

Karis Teetan (South African) – 3581/445 – Born in Mauritius, he rides mainly in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. He won the Cape Derby on Jackson earlier this year.

Ozcan Yildirim (Turkey) – 7481/744 – He has 28 Graded Stakes victories in Turkey and 72 winners in the past year.

Hayato Yoshida (Japan) – 5781/443) – Ninth in the JRA standings this year with 41 winners, Yoshida is Japan’s only representative this year.

Riding for the Koreans are: Moon Se Young, Cho Kyoung Ho, Park Tae Jong, Jo In Kwen, Ham Wan Sik and Kim Hae Sun

The four races involved in the challenge are as follows:

Saturday August 11
Race 9: 19:20, Domestic Class 3 Handicap, 1400 metres
Race 10: 19:50, Domestic Class 2 Handicap, 1900 metres

Sunday August 12
Race 6: 16:50, Domestic Class 3 Handicap, 1400 metres
Race 9: 19:35, Foreign Class 2 Handicap for fillies & mares, YTN Cup Stakes Listed, 1900 metres

Scoring: 1st: 20 points, 2nd: 10 points, 3rd: 6 points, 4th: 4 points, 5th: 3 points, 6th: 2 points, 7th-: 1 point.

There’s plenty more going on up and down the peninsula over the weekend. Here’s what’s happening when and where:

Friday August 10

Busan Race Park: 11 races from 15:00 to 21:00
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 16:40 to 21:00

Saturday August 11

Seoul Race Park: 12 races from 14:20 to 20:50
Jeju Race Park: 9 races from 16:20 to 21:00

Sunday August 12

Seoul Race Park: 11 races from 14:20 to 21:15
Busan Race Park: 6 races from 16:35 to 20:50