Weekend Preview: Juvenile Championships At Seoul & Busan

It’s that time of year already. Both Seoul and Busan host their Championship races for this year’s 2-year-old crop this coming weekend with the best performers from each race qualifying to face each other in Seoul next month in the Korean Breeders’ Cup to decide 2014’s Champion Juvenile.

Cheongnyong Bisang was Champion Juvenile in 2013. The race to succeed him begins in earnest this weekend

Cheongnyong Bisang was Champion Juvenile in 2013. The race to succeed him begins in earnest this weekend

The races also impact on next year’s Triple Crown. With the first leg, the KRA Cup Mile, being held in early April, it is vital to get points on the board now in order to qualify.

Unbeaten horses look the pick of both events. In the Gwacheon Mayor’s Cup at Seoul on Saturday, Raon Rusa is set to be favourite while Doraon Hyeonpyo is the one to beat in the Gyeongnam Sinmun Cup at Busan on Sunday.

Here are the full line-ups for both races with pedigrees, race records and riders:

Gwacheon Mayor’s Cup – Seoul Racecourse – 1200M – Saturday October 11, 16:00

1. Good Start [Limitless Bid – Yesangbaek (Pacificbounty)] (3/2/0/1) – Yoo Seung Wan
2. Always Winner [Creek Cat – Hallat’Eukkeup (Land Rush)] (2/1/0/0) – Oh Kyoung Hoan
3. Dream Queen [Creek Cat – Fine Jilju (Duality)] (4/2/2/0) – Seo Seung Un
4. The Zone Sesang [Creek Cat – Namdosarang (Chullo)] (2/2/0/0) – Jun Duck Yong
5. Raon Rusa [Pico Central – Kkumaeul (Curia Regis)] (4/1/0/1) – Moon Se Young
6. Hwanhuiuisungan [Sakura Seeking – Ma Home Cat (Tomorrow’s Cat)] (1/0/0/0) – Yoon Tae Hyuk
7. Vulcan [Ecton Park – Maid Of Cognac (Hennessey] (2/1/1/0) – Ham Wan Sik
8. Keunbada [Menifee – Keungori (Essence Of Dubai)] (2/1/1/0) – Jang Chuyoul
9. Comsmos King [Ingrandire – Lovely Shine (French Deputy)] (2/2/0/0) – Lee Hyeok
10. Clean Up Queen [Officer – Hera (Archer City Slew)] (3/1/0/0) – Ikuyasu Kurakane

Gyeongnam Sinmun Cup – Busan Racecourse – 1200M – Sunday October 12, 16:10

1. Yuseong Fighting [Didyme – Maggie’s Prayer (Songandaprayer)] (2/2/0/0) – Jo Sung Gon
2. Rafale [Colors Flying – Dongbang Choego (Al Naba )] (3/2/1/0) – You Hyun Myung
3. Fine Star [Volponi – T’ojong Kosu (Glorify)] (2/0/2/0) – Yang Young Nam
4. Namhae Sinhwa [Vicar – Intriga (Lord At Law) (2/1/1/0) – Kim Dong Young
5. Doraon Hyeonpyo [Colors Flying – Kilcoe Castle (Gone West)] (3/3/0/0) – Jeong Dong Cheol
6. Mac And Cheese [Menifee – Squared (Posse)] (2/1/0/1) (3/1/1/0) – Song Keong Yun
7. Special Line [Ecton Park – Rich Musique (Rizzi)] (3/1/1/0) – Jo Chang Wook
8. Ganghan Baram [Didyme – Benbane Head (Giant’s Causeway)] (3/0/2/0) – Lee Sung Jae
9. Summit Myeongun [Menifee – Summit Party (Ecton Park)] (3/1/1/1) – Masakazu Tanaka
10. Kkumui Hanbal [Colors Flying – Baengman Buja (Successful Appeal)] (3/1/1/0) – Lee Hee Cheon
11. Yeonggwanguitaepung [Menifee – Grand Pass (Grand Slam)] (3/1/1/1) – Chae Gyu Jun

* There is plenty of other action across the weekend. Aussie trainer Peter Wolsley will be looking to follow-up his Minister’s Cup victory last weekend with another class 1 win when My Winner goes in Friday’s feature at Busan. Also on the south coast, Gamdonguibada takes on Beolmaui Kkum and New York Blue in a class 1 race on Sunday.

Here’s what’s happening when and where:

Friday October 10
Busan Racecourse: 11 races from 11:40 to 18:00
Jeju Racecourse: 9 races from 13:20 to 17:20

Saturday October 11
Seoul Racecourse: 13 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Jeju Racecourse: 9 races from 12:20 to 17:20

Sunday October 12
Seoul Racecourse: 11 races from 10:50 to 18:00
Busan Racecourse: 6 races from 12:45 to 17:05