Jo Sung Gon Gets Golden Number One Win in Macau

It’s not been an easy few months for Jo Sung Gon. Things got a little better for Busan’s Champion Jockey this weekend though as he finally made it into the winner’s circle in Macau.

Jo Sung Gon in the Macau Winner's circle (MJC)

Jo Sung Gon in the Macau Winner’s circle (MJC)

The victory came on his 42nd ride at Taipa Racecourse since taking up a 6-month license in January.

And a perfectly timed ride it was too, swooping late on Aussie bred Golden Number One (Happy Giggle) to steal the 1100 metre race 6 on Saturday right on the winning line.

The undisputed number one Korean jockey at Busan, Jo has found opportunities hard to come by in Macau – Golden Number One paid $160.50 on the Macau tote – but no doubt will benefit for the experience in the long-term.

In Korea, Jo Sung Gon has ridden 480 winners including the Korean Derby, Korean Oaks and three successive President’s Cups – Korea’s richest race – on Dangdae Bulpae. He’s currently stable jockey to Australian trainer Peter Wolsley.

Click here for race result and replay from the Macau Jockey Club.

ht: @hiromi9884

One comment

  1. Oh..
    Clearly only Jo using the whip!
    Others just hand riding…
    Jo knows how to handle, arouse and squeeze the deep closer.
    I really like that kinda stretch caller.
    And most of all they sometimes gave someone who trust them a juicy payoffs…I’know by my experiences.
    When Jo was down there in Busan he looked a bit gentle
    even looks weaker compares with other korean fellow jockeys
    but over there Macau he looks like a tough guy..huh,
    Rather say becomes a tough and wild guy..
    Guess harsh international competitions made him so.
    Ah ring a bell!
    His riding style suddenly reminds me of Daryll Holland….haha…
    And similar silk colar..too!
    I don’t know why…

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