President’s Cup Countdown: Dangdae Bulpae Is On His Way

Dangdae Bulpae [Biwa Shinseiki – Indeed My Dear (Alydeed)] has won more Stakes races and more prize-money than any other Korean horse in history. This coming Sunday, fitness permitting, he comes back to Seoul Race Park to attempt to win the President’s Cup, the nation’s richest race, for the 4th consecutive time.







It’s going to be his toughest challenge yet as he faces Jigeum I Sungan (Ingrandire), a Korean Derby winner 2 years his junior, for the very first time.

This is going to be a good one. We’ll have plenty more build-up over the next few days.


  1. I am living in France and a Korean Horse racing fan and a follower of Jigeum I Sungan, all the more his sire was belonging to my best Japanese friends.
    I have sent some mares from France to Korea and would like to know about their progeny. Good luck to everybody!

  2. Korea Racing is well below the international standards. It’s not a good betting proposition either yet pools get so high since the KRA has monopoly on betting manipulate the punters who are very keen on gamble their hard-earned cash.
    About 70% return rate from tote plus 22 percent if the dividend is higher than 100/1. In other words if couple of roughies fills the placings (assume all dividends above 100/1) basically KRA and government keeps half of the what’s invested by the gamblers. Say 10 million dollars laid in tote. 5 million returned back to lucky punters and 5 million kept by KRA and government.

    Now Menifee dominates the siring ranks but his prodigies are good upto 1800. Jigeum I Sungan is almost unbeatable at 2000 meters. His only danger Dongdae Bulbae is by another Japanese sire. Hundred percent fit Dongdae Bulpae can match the motors with Jigeum I Sungan.

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