Jockey’s Challenge Headlines International Week

Black and Thompson lead ROTW team / Five exchange races announced
The KRA is gearing up for its annual International Weekend which gets underway Friday at Busan Race Park and continues on Saturday and Sunday at Seoul Race Park. Highlight of the event is the International Jockey Challenge which takes place on Saturday and Sunday at Seoul. Five invited overseas jockeys will be in Seoul to represent the Rest of the World team against five local jockeys over four races, one on Saturday and three on Sunday. Making up the International team are:

Anthony Black (USA) – The winner of over 5000 races in a career that has spanned nearly thirty years. His biggest win came in the Pennsylvania Derby on Devil’s Honor in 1997.

Greg Cheyne (South Africa) – Eastern Cape Champion Cheyne has racked up nearly 1000 winners and won the Canon Gold Cup on Desert Links at Greyville in August.

Eddie Lai (Hong Kong) – The 32 year old won the Hong Kong Classic Mile in 2003 and the HSBC Premier Bowl in 2006.

Issei Murata (Japan) – Murata won the Negisi Stakes and Argentina Trophy last year.

Robert Thompson (Australia) – Thompson holds the record for the most wins ever by an Australian jockey and is only the fourth Australian in history to ride over 3000 winners.

Korea fields five jockeys who are at the top of the jockey’s championship this year. Veteran Park Tae Jong heads the team as usual and is joined by the only two jockeys ahead of him in the standings, Moon Se Young and Cho Kyoung Ho. Rounding out the team are Moon Jung Kyun and the in-form Choi Beom Hyun.

A first prize of $20,000 will go to the jockey who scores the most points over the weekend. Twenty points will be awarded for a win, 15 for a second place and then down in increments of three to sixth place. Last year, South African Gerrit Schlecter took the honours.

In addition to the Jockey’s Challenge, five International Exchange Races will also take place. Each with a first prize of KRW 53Million, the first will be the Macau Jockey Club race at Busan Race Park on Friday. Saturday sees races for the STC, the Australian Jockey Club and Horse Racing Ireland, while on Sunday, the JRA Trophy race takes centre stage. Two Malaysia based jockeys will also be over for the STC race, Ronald Woodworth and Harmeet Singh Gill. We’ll have a further preview of the big races once final cards are published later in the week.


  1. Thank you for telling us more information about five foreign and five Korean jockeys who attend the international jockeys series in Korea.
    But, according to the KRA website, two Korean jockeys, O Gyeong Hwan and Gim Ok Seong, also attend the 1st race of this series.
    Please tell me why they attend this series.

  2. Yes this happened last year as well and I asked the exact same question. Basically the races selected for the International Jockeys Challenge are just regular races and if there are more horses in the race than ten then they bring in other jockeys to ride them and although they race for prize money, they don’t race for points. The same thing will happen tomorrow, Oh Kyoung Hoan and Shim Seung Tae will be in race 5, which is the first points race, Oh and Kim Ok Sung will be in race 6 and then Kim, Oh, Shim and Jung Ki Young will be in the final points race which has 14 runners.

  3. BTW, fpop, a little bit of news, J.S. Hold has been officially retired, I’ll have a full write up on him after the weekend but it’s sad – if not unexpected. Also there’s a new Japanese jockey just been added to the list at Busan – the KRA have just listed him as “Aoki”.

  4. Thank you for replying so soon.
    Are these horses reserves when a horse which one of representative jokeys scratched?

    I read the news about J.S.Hold at, and felt very sad because J.S.Hold is not expected as a stallion…

    And I also know a new Japanese jockey “Eiki Nishimura”,not “Aoki”, who works at Arao racecourse in Kyusyu island. He is as good jockey as Watase. If you mean another jockey, it’s very interesting. That’s because actually there is a Japanese jockey “Aoki”, but he belongs to JRA which is one of the richest racing organization in the world. It may mean that Japanese horsemen begin to regard Korean horse racing as good as Singapore’s or New Zealand’s.

    BTW, do you know whether Watase extends his license in Korea?

  5. No, it is Eiki – it was my bad Korean translation that had it as Aoki – I’d heard of Yoshi Aoki but not of Eiki Nishimura 🙂

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