Golding heads Gyeongnam Governor’s Cup field

Sunday is a big day for overseas bred horses in Korea with Seoul and Busan both hosting G3 races offering nearly KRW 150Million to their respective winners. Seoul hosts the KRA Cup Classic at 17:00 but first up is is the Gyeongsang-Namdo (South Gyeongsang Province) Governor’s Cup which will come under orders at Busan Race Park at 15:40. The race has attracted a number of veteran Busan horses such as Golding and Hangye Geukbok as well as younger challengers such as Florida Native and the three year Saeroun Bulpae. See below for a full list of runners and riders.

There are cards at Busan on Friday and Sunday with Friday’s action getting underway at 13:00 when there will be ten races. The first of six races is off at 12:40 on Sunday:

Gyeongnam Governor’s Cup – G III (Foreign) – Busan Race Park – 1800M – Sep 28, 15:40

1. Wonder Love (USA) (35/4/9/6) – Han Sang Kyu
2. Hangye Geukbok (USA) (34/12/6/5) – Jo Sung Gon
3. Angle Slam (USA) (34/7/6/8) – Moon Jung Won
4. Gamun Bobae (USA) (18/5/3/4) – Chae Gyu Jun
5. Deoksugung (USA) (29/6/2/2) – Park Sung Gwang
6. Hwanggeumbit Taeyang (AUS) (33/6/10/5) – Kazayuki Watase
7. Florida Native (USA) (19/6/3/3) – Jo Chan Hoon
8. Golding (USA) (31/15/7/3) – Toshio Uchida
9. Saeroun Bulpae (USA) (11/4/1/4) – Yang Young Nam
10. Miraculous Medal (USA) (31/4/4/2) – Yoo Hyun Myoung
11. Dangdae Star (NZ) (25/8/1/2) – Deryl Daniels
12. Gongnopae (USA) (29/6/4/3) – Kim Eu Su
13. Namdo Choegang (AUS) (31/7/3/5) – Gu Young Jun

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