Busan Stewards’ Reports now available in English

In a big step for the Korea Racing Authority, stewards’ reports for all races run at Busan Race Park are now being made available in English as well as in Korean.

The move is one of the more tangible ones in the KRA’s plans for the internationalization of Korean racing which includes the annual International Jockey Challenge and the sending of locally bred horse Pick Me Up to the United States to race. It is anticipated that Seoul Race Park will be issuing similar English reports within the next few months.

Currently the reports can only be accessed via the Korean language version of the KRA’s official website, not the English version. Until this happens, the English language reports can be downloaded straight from the Busan Latest Results page of Horse Racing in Korea.



  1. Does anyone know why we can no longer access the KRA Authority’s website (korean version)? It has a “stop sign” and we were wondering if this is just temporary or permanent. We can’t access the studbook either. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  2. It seems to be working now, however, in midweek they do sometimes take it down for maintenance. There is no racing in Korea this coming weekend because of the Thanksgiving holidays so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was down. Either way, check back soon, it will only be temporary.

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