Trifecta to Launch for KRA Cup Mile

The KRA has announced that the trifecta will make its first appearance in Korea on KRA Cup Mile day on April 5. However, on the day, the bet will only be available on the actual Cup Mile race – the first leg of the Korean Triple Crown – which will take place at Busan Race Park. As with the five other types of bet, minimum stake will be 100 won and the maximum will be 100,000 won. Takeout will be 27%, in line with the Quinella and Exacta.

KRA Trifecta

KRA Trifecta

In other gambling news, word is that our old friends at the National Gaming Control Commission (NGCC) aren’t happy with the number of pari-mutuel windows at Seoul Race Park. There are too many and apparently a queuing punter is a responsible punter.   One proposal is that the number of windows that can be open at any one time be reduced. Additionally, the NGCC is holding firm with its long stated aim of limiting off-track betting.

While the NGCC fine-tunes its latest proposals to protect Korean society, at least three  Korean provinces are reported to have expressed an interest in building a fourth race track, which would become necessary if the off-track KRA Plazas are forced to close or have further limits on their size.  Jeolla and Chungcheong Provinces are thought to be the most eager.

Elsewhere in the world of betting, there is happier news for those who bet on US racing. Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance readers can now get a substantial discount on past performance information from the Daily Racing Form. See the TBA Homepage for details.


  1. Thanks for the link and good luck on the Trifecta I have the uncanny ability to finish 1-2-4 or 2-3-4, they haven’t created a wager for that just yet ;-D

  2. A clear gap in the market.

    I must say that growing up in the UK and avoiding the tote in favour of the bookies, I have a feeling that April 5 will be the first time I’ve ever played a trifecta!

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