Cho the nearly man as Moon pulls clear

Seoul Jockey’s Championship
Cho Kyoung Ho rode five seconds but only one winner on a weekend where Moon Se Young went 11 clear at the top of the jockey’s championship. Cho won Race 1 on Saturday but then suffered a series of near misses, notably on hot favourite Wind Rush in race 6. Moon Se Young picked up three winners on Saturday, including Bally Brae – after which he voiced his concern that Bally Brae was carrying too much weight in handicaps and was in danger of injuring himself – and a further two in the quagmire conditions on Sunday. Woo Chang Gu moved into double figures for the year and Ikuyasu Kurakane ended his recent lean spell with two winners on both days, doubling his year’s total to 8.

1. Moon Se Young 37

2. Cho Kyoung Ho 26

3. Park Tae Jong 17

4. Woo Chang Gu; Oh Kyoung Hoan 11

5. Chun Chang Ki 10

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